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 BRICS Education

BRICS Education is a rigorous independent peer-reviewed open-access book series that provides essential scholarship placing higher education at the core of the necessary transformations to create more sustainable practices and policies. The series aims to become a rich source of knowledge about how BRICS countries promote sustainable development within higher education, such as within traditional universities (TUs) and universities of technology (UoTs). Scholars in this book series devote themselves to best practices and policies that enhance higher education institutions (HEIs), including the capacity to prepare competently, socially justice-oriented, and sustainability-aware citizens, teachers, and researchers. The series aims to empower individuals to sustain themselves in numerous roles and positions, to create sustainable local and global communities, and to protect the environment through collaborative research-based discussion.


Contact Prof. Ewelina K. Niemczyk (ewelina.niemczyk@nwu.ac.za) or Dr Louw de Beer (louw.debeer@nwu.ac.za), the corresponding book series editors, to propose a chapter contribution or a full-length manuscript, such as a monograph (stand-alone) or a reshaped PhD thesis as a monograph (stand-alone) obtained from North-West University (NWU) Faculty of Education. Feel free to contact the corresponding editors to ask research-related queries about the book series content or peruse the ‘Notes on contributors’ within each book to reach the national and global contributing authors. Alternatively, contact the series editor, Prof. Johan Botha (johan.botha@nwu.ac.za) or the Deputy Dean: Research and Innovation, Prof. Washington T. Dudu (washington.dudu@nwu.ac.za).


Did you know?

The North-West University (South Africa), a proud BRICS Network University, is a joint educational project aimed at creating a single educational space, encouraging academic mobility, as well as provide the economies of member countries with highly qualified personnel in energy, economics, education, computer science, and ecology, among others. The Education Ministers from these five countries signed the agreements to set up the BRICS Network University on 05 November 2013 at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.

BRICS is an acronym for Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, with its members leading determinants of economic growth and significantly influencing regional affairs. BRICS primarily focuses on peace, security, development, and collaboration. BRICS has also consistently committed to moving towards sustainable development internationally by jointly working with the United Nations. Education is one of BRICS's most challenging development issues.


This series uniquely provides an analytical method to evaluate sustainable development goals implementation in BRICS countries. We invite you to read the volumes in this interesting education-based scholarly book series.

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Cover for A new dawn
Volume 1
BRICS Education
A new dawn
Deon Vos, ZL (Louw) de Beer, Ewelina K Niemczyk (Volume editor)
Cover for Education for sustainable development in BRICS: Zoom on higher education
Volume 3
BRICS Education
Education for sustainable development in BRICS: Zoom on higher education
Ewelina K Niemczyk, Zacharias L de Beer (Volume editor)