Education for sustainable development in BRICS: Zoom on higher education

Volume editor
Ewelina K. Niemczyk
Volume editor
Zacharias L. de Beer


In the past ten years, the concept of education for sustainable development has become one of UNESCO’s key educational initiatives to address current global challenges. However, the attention was mainly devoted to primary and secondary education, and higher education was somewhat neglected. The primary focus on basic education has also diverted academic attention from the research exploring the relationship between higher education and sustainable development. Only recently has the academic discourse on this topic begun to gain ground. On that note, this book is meant to place higher education at the core of the necessary transformations to create awareness of more sustainable practices and policies.


  • Chapter 1
    Sustainability-orientated higher education institutions in BRICS
    Ewelina K. Niemczyk, Zacharias L. de Beer
  • Chapter 2
    Fostering higher education for sustainable development: Quest for change in Brazil and South Africa
    Ewelina K. Niemczyk
  • Chapter 3
    Higher education and the global sustainable development goals
    Charl C. Wolhuter
  • Chapter 4
    The role of the higher education sector within the national education system to realise sustainable development
    Hennie J. Steyn, Ewelina K. Niemczyk
  • Chapter 5
    BRICS higher education degrees menu versus Sustainable Development Goal 4: Can we serve what we bake?
    Zacharias L. de Beer
  • Chapter 6
    The Fourth Industrial Revolution in the higher education institutions of selected BRICS countries: An education law and policy perspective
    Nicholus T. Mollo
  • Chapter 7
    Educating for sustainable development by maximising employability of graduate students within higher education teaching and learning
    Lynn D. Preston
  • Chapter 8
    Implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality higher education in the university sphere
    Susanna C.M. Greyling, Benita Taylor, Marinda Neethling
  • Chapter 9
    Transforming early childhood education student-teacher assessment for sustainable development through portfolios in higher education institutions to support BRICS countries
    Benita Taylor, Marinda Neethling, Susanna C.M. Greyling
  • Chapter 10
    The private university sector – disregarded partner for the attainment of sustainable development goals: Insights from the BRICS countries
    Charl C. Wolhuter


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