A new dawn

Volume editor
Deon Vos
Volume editor
ZL (Louw) de Beer
Volume editor
Ewelina K Niemczyk


BRICS is a significant player in the international arena. Thus, it is important for South Africa as a member of BRICS to explore the implications of the external and internal influences of BRICS. This includes a comprehensive understanding of the international and national involvement of BRICS in education provision and introducing discovered influences in South African educational planning. The size of BRICS as an international player in different areas and on different levels necessitates the research of its functioning and, in this case, the role of BRICS regarding education provisioning. Therefore, this research and analysis of the contribution of BRICS to education provision are an important addition to the field of effective Education. Through the preliminary literature reviews, we noticed that current studies are often quantitative in nature and lack a comparative qualitative exploration of education development in BRICS countries. For this reason, the book titled A New Dawn, the first volume in the BRICS Education Book Series, will contribute to the flourishment of quality education in South Africa and all BRICS nations. The book will also encourage researchers to join efforts with other researchers of the five member states to learn from each other and address common challenges. To that end, this research will generate scientific knowledge meant to maximise the readers' understanding of the current realities of education aims at the national (each member state) and collective (BRICS organization) levels. The authors of the book are interested in comparing the educational aims across the BRICS countries and exploring how successfully these aims are being implemented on the ground. By discovering similarities and differences between the five member states and the educational objectives of the BRICS organisation, the readers of the book will be able to identify best practices that will allow member states to fulfil the education aims of the BRICS organization at large.


  • Chapter 1
    Cooperation theory
    ZL (Louw) de Beer
  • Chapter 2
    The value of international cooperation in education
    ZL (Louw) de Beer, Charl C Wolhuter
  • Chapter 3
    The historical evolution of the BRICS organisation
    ZL (Louw) de Beer, Michelle Otto
  • Chapter 4
    Conceptualising educational aims
    Charl C Wolhuter
  • Chapter 5
    The BRICS organisation and the Education for All goals
    ZL (Louw) de Beer, Ewelina K Niemczyk
  • Chapter 6
    Brazilian education system: Aims, achievements and alignment with the BRICS organisation
    Ewelina K Niemczyk, Jan de Groof
  • Chapter 7
    The aims of the Russian education system compared with the education objectives of the BRICS member states
    Deon Vos, Velaphi A Nhlapo, Michelle Otto
  • Chapter 8
    The aims of the education system of the Federal Republic of India
    Deon Vos, ZL (Louw) de Beer
  • Chapter 9
    Chinese educational aims
    Charl C Wolhuter
  • Chapter 10
    The aims of the South African education system and the educational objectives of the BRICS organisation: Are they informing each other?
    Adriaan S Engelbrecht, Hennie J Steyn, Matthews Makunye


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