Raising the Impact of Education Research in Africa

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Charl C. Wolhuter


The low demonstrable effect of education research done in South Africa in particular, and Africa in general, persists to be a problem in scientific records in the educational sciences. This scholarly collected work addresses this obstacle and focuses on recommendations from scholars in different sectorial categories in the field of education. Scholars from a variety of sub-fields within the educational sciences reflect on this particular matter, revisiting the history of research and research outcomes and offering informed recommendations based on in-depth investigation and analyses of aspects of the various discourses within the relevant sub-fields. The scope of the content of this collected work canters on the issue of the lack of scientific record concerning the scientific raising of the impact of education research. The book aims at making a specific contribution to the educational sciences by stimulating scholarly discussion as to how to increase the recording of the significance of educational research done in Africa, and in South Africa in particular, and to re-direct the research agenda into the direction of making more impact. Impact is conceptualised to mean both scholarly impact (that is being cited and being used as foundation for theory building and for further research) and practical impact (that is improvement of practice, of teaching and learning in education institutions at all levels). The target audience of this book is academic specialists and researchers in all fields of education in Sub-Saharan Africa. The chapters constitute original research, not published elsewhere. The chapters were put through iThenticate. The contents of this document reflect the views of the author, who is responsible for the facts and accuracy of the information. The contents do not reflect the views of the National Research Foundation or North-West University.


  • Theme 1: Education Scholarship
  • Chapter 1: The Imperative for Raising the Impact of Education Scholarship in South Africa and Africa
    Charl C. Wolhuter
  • Chapter 2: Leading the Way to Impact-Making Research: The Role of Comparative International Perspectives in Research on Leadership in Education in South Africa
    Charl C. Wolhuter
  • Chapter 3: Fifty Years of Graduate Teacher Education in Kenya: Reflections on the Past, the Present and the Future
    Augustine M. Karugu, Peter M. Gathara, Corene de Wet
  • Chapter 4: Impact-Making Research in Higher Education in South Africa
    Berte van Wyk
  • Theme 2: Mathematics and Science Education
  • Chapter 5: An Evaluative Study of a Family Math Programme that Forms an Integral Part of a Mathematics Module for Intermediate Phase Students
    Cobus van Breda, Amaria Reynders, Corene de Wet
  • Chapter 6: Examining the Impact of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in Zimbabwe’s High Schools
    Peter Tsvara, Timely Chitate, Johan J. Booyse
  • Chapter 7: Metacognitive Sentience for Impact-Making Research in Curriculum Studies: Mathematics Education as Case in Point
    Divan Jagals
  • Theme 3: Education Policy, Teaching, Supervising and Learning at Higher Education Level
  • Chapter 8: Incorporating Active Teaching–Learning Strategies to Enhance Self-Directed Learning Within the Curriculum as Praxis: An Imperative for the 21st Century
    Elsa Mentz, Roxanne Bailey, Marisa Verster, Betty Breed
  • Chapter 9: The Paradoxes During Doctoral Studies and Supervision in the Field of Education
    Ntlantla Sebele, Lynette Jacobs
  • Chapter 10: Changing Views About Community Colleges in South Africa
    Rosalind L. Raby, Edward J. Valeau
  • Chapter 11: Higher Education Tenure and the Associated Scholarship Reward Practices in South Africa and the United States of America
    Fulufhelo G. Netswera, Kristin Wilson
  • Theme 4: Comparative and International Education
  • Chapter 12: Comparative and International Education: A Tool for Powerful Global Impact Available to South African Scholars
    Charl C. Wolhuter, Matthew Thomas, Takalani S. Mashau, Hennie J. Steyn
  • Chapter 13: BRICS: A ‘Road and Belt’ for South African Researchers in Education to be Involved in Impact-Making Research
    Hennie J. Steyn, Charl C. Wolhuter, Deon Vos, Louw de Beer, Ana Caanen-Ivanicki
  • Chapter 14: Researching Problems in Specific Contexts Towards Making an Impact: Considering a Case of Book Harvesting at a School in Kenya
    Peter M. Gathara, Lynette Jacobs
  • Chapter 15: Global Education: Image and Voice of Africa in Iran’s School Textbooks
    Abbas M. Arani, Lida Kakia


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