The fabric(ation) of consciousness: A neuro-ecological perspective

Pieter F Craffert


'Consciousness' is central to the quest for being human and for what the world is made of. While there is widespread agreement on the significance of consciousness for clarifying the human condition, there is no agreement on the phenomenon in search of theorising. Although there is no shortage of theories and concepts of consciousness in current consciousness research, the dominant The critical analysis of consciousness research in this study, although based on existing analyses, is (as far as I can see) new and unique in arguing for a crisis in consciousness research.


This book touches on most aspects of consciousness research (the hard problem of conscious-ness, neural correlates of consciousness, brain models and consciousness, consciousness and dualistic thinking, etc.) but is a critical analysis of consciousness research. It is not an insider but a third-person perspective on current consciousness research. In this regard, it is different from most introductions and overviews where these topics are presented from a first-person perspective (the insiders' claim about their research). Representing the broad spectrum of consciousness research in terms of the theoretical framework of a neuro-ecological perspective is a new and innovative move.


  • Chapter 1
    A crisis in consciousness research
  • Chapter 2
    Consciousness: A complex cultural concept
  • Chapter 3
    Consciousness: A multiplex composite phenomenon
  • Chapter 4
    The fabric(ation) of consciousness: The mind-body problem and the binary theoretical framework
  • Chapter 5
    Fault lines in the fabric(ation) of consciousness (research)
  • Chapter 6
    The historical landscape of consciousness research in the neurosciences
  • Chapter 7
    Brain models and how the brain functions
  • Chapter 8
    The fabrication of consciousness and the search for the neural correlates of consciousness
  • Chapter 9
    The fabric of consciousness in mainstream neuroscience of consciousness: ontological theories of consciousness
  • Chapter 10
    The neuroscientific fabrication of consciousness: Functional and mechanistic theories of ‘consciousness’
  • Chapter 11
    Non-ordinary experiences and the fabric(ation) of human nonlocal consciousness
  • Chapter 12
    Idealism and the fabric(ation) of cosmic nonlocal consciousness: Dual-aspect monisms and panpsychisms
  • Chapter 13
    Nested assumptions and features of theories of nonlocal consciousness
  • Chapter 14
    The neuro-ecological revolution in consciousness research
  • Chapter 15
    The fabrication of consciousness in a neuro-ecological perspective
  • Chapter 16
    The fabric of consciousness: A multiplex distributed biological and ecological process
  • Chapter 17
    The ecology of consciousness: Modes, domains, cycles, levels, and states of givenness
  • Chapter 18
    Consciousness research and the kind of creatures we are as human beings


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