Six Bricks®: A path to wellness in the educational and health systems

Volume editor
Lynn Preston
Volume editor
Wanda van der Merwe


The Six BRICKS® initiative is a teaching and learning method that encourages focused engagement in the classroom by all learners, from the foundation phase to adulthood. By using six simple, colourful DUPLO® bricks, an element of play is introduced into a situation that inevitably leads to all individuals focusing and interacting. This is one of the major contributions to all teaching and learning disciplines and promotes the audience to learn with enjoyment, enthusiasm and concentration. Along with this, communication is promoted, sparking unimaginable creativity and creation. 

This book provides the reader with an alternative focus to the original educational application of the Six Bricks® activities. This Six Bricks® initiative focuses on the therapeutic application and processes in communities, schools and within individuals themselves. As each author has had an intimate connection with Six Bricks® initiative, they are all more than qualified to provide their autoethnographic reflections on this initiative, which holds so much promise and excitement for learning and teaching. Therefore, each author’s contributions were original and personalised, providing a new field in the avenues of research in the South African context, as South Africa does not have – as yet – much research on this topic. The methodology used in this qualitative research study was primarily from each author’s perspective; thus, their self-reflection and anecdotal personal experiences form the core of these chapters. Therefore, this autoethnographic is a self-reflective form of writing which involves self-observation and reflective investigation in the context of ethnographic fieldwork and writing. 






  • Chapter 1
    LEGO® – from South Africa to New Zealand: The narrative of the theory, methodology and the ‘noise of fun’
    Lynn Preston, Jaco van der Merwe
  • Chapter 2
    LEGO® Six Bricks® rethinks promoting 21st-century wellness skills for teaching and learning in children
    Wanda van der Merwe, Villera le Roux, Tarien Breytenbach
  • Chapter 3
    The use of Six Bricks® in optimising engaged teaching and learning to promote wellness for Foundation Phase learners
    Jaco van der Merwe
  • Chapter 4
    Encompassing LEGO® and Six Bricks® in traditional African games as a psychoeducational intervention
    Wanda van der Merwe
  • Chapter 5
    LEGO® to enhance narrative career counselling and promoting mental wellness among adolescents with diverse needs
    Elmaré Mong
  • Chapter 6
    A South African perspective of health and well-being complexities in children: The Six Bricks® initiative
    Petra Bester, Christelle Liversage, Christi Niesing
  • Chapter 7
    Africa Unit for Transdisciplinary Health Research (AUTHeR): A Six Bricks® Social Greenhouse® innovation
    Christi Niesing, Petra Bester
  • Chapter 8
    Six Bricks® for community wellness: Empowering role players in supporting children in communities
    Elmari Fouché
  • Chapter 9
    A Six Bricks® transdisciplinary community engagement initiative promoting wellness at the special school
    Kedibone J Ramadie
  • Chapter 10
    Promoting LEGO®’s planet promise: Encouraging sustainable education and wellness in South Africa
    Lynn Preston


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