Innovative curriculum design: Bridging the theory–practice divide in work-integrated learning to foster Self-Directed Learning

Volume editor
Neal Petersen
Volume editor
Adri du Toit
Volume editor
Elsa Mentz
Volume editor
Robert J Balfour


This book reports on the fifth cycle of design-based research (DBR) (see Chapter 1). One of the design principles of the North-West University (NWU) work-integrated learning (WIL) excursions for first-year student teachers is based on cooperative learning (CL), where students work in heterogeneous groups to learn from each other. Another design principle is that the entire two-day synchronous virtual online excursion’s activities are driven by problem-based learning (PBL). For the education students, PBL was constructed on a video diary depicting the many challenges a principal had to manage in a dysfunctional school. Both CL and PBL are effective teaching and learning (T&L) strategies that can contribute to fostering first-year students’ self-directedness. This book therefore contributes to the scholarship of self-directed learning (SDL). This scholarly book, to impact education and health sciences praxis, is the 12th volume of an NWU book series on SDL. The target audience is scholars in the field of SDL and WIL within education and health care education.


  • Chapter 1
    Reimagining work-integrated learning excursions to decrease the theory–practice divide
    Adri du Toit, Neal Petersen
  • Chapter 2
    Immersion pedagogy on the Vygotskyan stage: The affordances of role immersion during the first-year student excursion
    Josef de Beer
  • Chapter 3
    Affordances and barriers of face-to-face and virtual online excursions to foster self-directed learning in pre-service teacher education: Distilling design principles
    Neal Petersen, Elsa Mentz, Josef de Beer
  • Chapter 4
    Students’ experiences of game-based learning to foster self-directed learning
    Byron J Bunt, Lounell White, Neal Petersen
  • Chapter 5
    Exploring strategies to foster first-year students’ critical reflection towards social justice praxis in a work-integrated learning experience
    Corné CG Kruger, Marry Mdakane
  • Chapter 6
    Entrepreneurial learning as curriculum innovation toward bridging the theory–practice divide when preparing future ‘super teachers’
    Adri du Toit
  • Chapter 7
    Self-directed multimodal assessment of virtual excursions: Affordances for student agency
    Anitia Lubbe
  • Chapter 8
    Demystifying intercultural constructs in a South African context: Virtual excursions as exemplars of curriculum innovations
    Iman C Chahine, Awad Awad
  • Chapter 9
    Pedagogy of play in a virtual excursion to foster self-directed learning in health care students
    Jessica Pool, Yolande Heymans, Rhea Koch, Gontse Mokwatsi
  • Chapter 10
    Work-integrated learning and self-directed learning: Design, skills, and dispositions for professional development
    Robert J Balfour


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