Towards a holistic approach to support learners at risk of interrupted development: Midst- and post-COVID-19 interventions

Volume editor
Macalane J Malindi
Volume editor
Johnnie Hay
Volume editor
Thabo Makhalemele


The Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions that came with it led to unprecedented disruptions in learner development and put them at risk of poor developmental outcomes. It is thus important that the extent of the disruption on their development and the support needs of learners be investigated. Researching the impact of the disruption should focus on holistic development. In this book, the authors use multiple research approaches and methods of gathering data in their respective fields to examine the impact of the disruption and determine the support needs of learners. Data gathered through the different methods are processed and findings are presented. The findings have implications for both practice and future research in the fields of inclusive education, learner support, educational psychology, movement education, Life Orientation and curriculum development.


  • Chapter 1
    Towards a holistic theoretical approach to learner development in the midst of and post-COVID-19
    Johnnie Hay, Julialet Rens, Macalane J Malindi, Dorita du Toit
  • Chapter 2
    Biological-Physiological Development amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic – and the Need for Focused Interventions
    Dorita du Toit, Niekie van der Merwe, Chanelle Kemp, Francois Willemse
  • Chapter 3
    The psychological impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the required support to overcome the impact on learners’ psyches
    Lynn Preston, Wanda van der Merwe, Elmari Fouché, Kedibone J Ramadie
  • Chapter 4
    Social development of secondary school learners amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, and measures to alleviate interruptions
    Corlia Twine, Shantha Naidoo, Thabo Makhalemele, Isabel Payne-van Staden
  • Chapter 5
    Spiritual and religious development of learners amidst the COVID-19 pandemic
    Lettie Botha, Carolina Botha, Hannelie Louw, Julialet Rens, Rachel R Mayimele
  • Chapter 6
    COVID-19 and the academic development of learners: The need for targeted interventions
    Thabo Makhalemele, Pateka P Jama, Appolonia Masunungure, Matabe R Modiba
  • Chapter 7
    Supporting holistic well-being in the early years during a pandemic and beyond
    Mariëtte P Koen, Stef Esterhuizen, Hantie Theron, Nomsa Mohosho, Prosper Lunga
  • Chapter 8
    Supporting language and Mathematics development in Foundation Phase learners: A case for communities of inquiry
    Corné CG Kruger, Andri Schoonen, Itumeleng B Lesabe, Nothile T Kunene, Elsabé Wessels
  • Chapter 9
    Enabling resilience in learners who experienced grief and loss during the COVID-19 pandemic
    Macalane J Malindi, Rachel R Mayimele
  • Chapter 10
    An integrated vision of overcoming the developmental disruptions of COVID-19
    Macalane J Malindi, Johnnie Hay, Thabo Makhalemele


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