Problem-based learning and pedagogies of play: Active approaches towards Self-Directed Learning

Volume editor
Marietjie Havenga
Volume editor
Jako Olivier
Volume editor
Byron J Bunt


The focus of this book is original research regarding the implementation of problem-based learning and pedagogies of play as active approaches to foster self-directed learning.

 With the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) in mind, educational institutions need to rethink teaching and learning for the future. As such, active engagement can be encouraged, as evident in this book, where problem-based learning drives learning through real-world problems, while pedagogy of play focuses on innovative environments where the action of play and learning are integrated with the aim of developing SDL.

The following are addressed in the chapters: an overview of problem-based learning and pedagogy of play, metaliteracy, playful problem-based learning tasks, computational thinking in game-based tasks and geometry, solving puzzles, applying LEGO®, using drama as the pedagogy of play and implementing educational robotics. The empirical research findings disseminated in this book aim to inspire academics in the research focus area of self-directed learning with active learning approaches in the school and tertiary classroom that hold affordances to enhance 21st-century skills. Active learning is an umbrella term for pedagogies that mainstream student engagement, such as problem-based learning, cooperative learning, gamification, role-play and drama. This scholarly book highlights various engaging pedagogies.


  • Chapter 1
    Problem-based learning: A 21st-century teaching and learning strategy
    Aubrey Golightly, Motlhale J Sebatana
  • Chapter 2
    Pedagogy of play: A framework for self-directed learning
    Byron J Bunt
  • Chapter 3
    Designing interactive pedagogies of play through metaliteracy
    Trudi E Jacobson, Thomas P Mackey
  • Chapter 4
    Joyful learning: Advocating for self-directed learning through authentic, playful problem-based learning
    Henry Blignaut, Ewie Erasmus, Charlene du Toit-Brits
  • Chapter 5
    Mathematics education students’ development of computational thinking through game-based tasks
    Marietjie Havenga, Tertia Jordaan
  • Chapter 6
    Introduction to computational thinking in geometry through a LOGO problem-based learning experience with high school learners in Morocco
    Azeddine Benelrhali, Ibrahim Ouahbi, Amane Oueriagli, Khadija El Kharki, Jako Olivier, Daniel Burgos, Khalid Berrada
  • Chapter 7
    A gamification approach to linear equations through creating and solving puzzles in a collaborative learning environment
    Amit Dhakulkar, Jako Olivier, Byron J Bunt
  • Chapter 8
    LEGO-ing in the development of teacher identity
    Maryna Reyneke, Elma Marais, Carolina Botha
  • Chapter 9
    Impact of drama-based pedagogy on self-directed learning skills and motivation in Grade 12 English Home Language learners
    Chanene Nordgaard, Maryna Reyneke, Louise Olivier
  • Chapter 10
    Educational robotics for playful problem-based learning: Using cultural-historical activity theory as a research lens
    Marietjie Havenga, Olukayode S Aboderin


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