Innovation for Inclusive Development and Transformation in South Africa

Volume editor
Charles Hongoro
Volume editor
Cyril Adonis
Volume editor
Konosoang Sobane


Science, technology, and innovation (STI) are generally accepted as major drivers of growth and can help address poverty and directly improve the well-being of different groups in society. However, under certain circumstances STI can reinforce social exclusion and inequalities. This book explores discourses around directionality and the importance of Innovation for Inclusive Development (IID) in addressing policy questions that explore the relationship between IID with inequalities in income and opportunities. It seeks to unpack the concept of IID and what it means in a country such as South Africa – a country characterised by endemic poverty, deepening inequality, and high levels of unemployment. The book is largely original and based on a critique of existing literature to expose specific issues or bolster specific arguments about the role of IID in equitable and inclusive development. This book has been written by various scholars who understand the various notions of IID and how it can possibly be applied, and the relevance of such knowledge for policy, programmes and practice.


  • Chapter 1
    Addressing Economic, Social and Environmental Challenges in South Africa
    Cyril Adonis, Konosoang Sobane, Charles Hongoro
  • Chapter 2
    Innovation for Inclusive Development and Economics – Interpretations and Policy Implications
    Mario Scerri
  • Chapter 3
    Gender Dimensions of Science, Technology and Innovation in Africa: Legal and Policy Barriers to Inclusive Innovation
    Patricia Kameri-Mbote, Nkatha Kabira
  • Chapter 4
    Engendering Innovation for Women’s Empowerment in Post-Apartheid South Africa
    Sithembiso L. Myeni, Aubrey Mpungose
  • Chapter 5
    A transdisciplinarity approach to Citizen Science and Grassroots Innovation
    Hester du Plessis
  • Chapter 6
    Innovation and the Public Service: Facilitating Inclusive Industrial and Social Development
    Paul Plantinga
  • Chapter 7
    The value of developing inclusive innovations for disaster risk communication and management in developing countries
    Wilfred Lunga, Konosoang Sobane
  • Chapter 8
    Potable Water and Improved Sanitation in South Africa: Extending Access by Innovation for Inclusive Development
    Stephen Rule
  • Chapter 9
    Towards an inclusive measurement programme for innovation in the informal sector of South Africa
    Nazeem Mustapha, Glenda Kruss, Il-haam Petersen, Oluseye Jegede, Nicole van Rheede


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