Education Leadership: Scoping, perspectives and future trajectory

Volume editor
Leentjie van Jaarsveld
Volume editor
Charl C. Wolhuter
Volume editor
C.P. van der Vyver


Leadership in education has been demonstrated to make a measurable and significant impact on the success of schools and the achievement levels of learners. This book displays the scope and range of the emerging field of scholarship of education leadership by means of chapters zooming in on various areas of research in the field. The ensuing chapters focusing in various areas in the field of Education Leadership scholarship are ordered in the following categories: chapters dealing with teacher leadership, school leadership, and mid-level leadership. The sections cover Collective Teacher efficacy in high-performing high schools in South Africa, leadership and leadership challenges of school principals of special schools, entrepreneurial leadership, perceptions of school staff and school governing bodies regarding use and maintenance of aging school facilities, and continuous professional development of teachers in Namibia. All the chapters employ a variety of research methods. The research reported on in each of the chapters does not only give clear indications as to how and where to improve practice, but also opens vistas for new and future research, suggesting to scholars in the field promising ways to take the field forward, with research critical to the continual advance and relevance of the field.


  • Chapter 1
    Surveying the Panorama and Zooming in on Perspectives to Chart a Future Trajectory for a Young but Surging Field of Scholarship
    Charl C. Wolhuter
  • Chapter 2
    Scoping Research on the Teaching of Educational Leadership
    Charl C. Wolhuter
  • Chapter 3
    Collective Teacher Efficacy in High-Performing High Schools in South Africa
    Branwen H. Challens, Madimetsa J. Mosoge
  • Chapter 4
    School Principals of Special Schools: Leadership and Challenges
    Leentjie van Jaarsveld
  • Chapter 5
    Entrepreneurial Leadership: A key Leadership Style in Uncertain Times
    Jan B. Khumalo, Leentjie van Jaarsveld
  • Chapter 6
    Using and Maintaining Ageing School Facilities in Gauteng: Perceptions of School Staff and School Governing Bodies
    Velaphi A. Nhlapo
  • Chapter 7
    Continuous Professional Development in Namibia: Perspectives and Critique
    Johannes Kayumbu, Leentjie van Jaarsveld, Lloyd Conley
  • Chapter 8
    Role Conflict and Role Ambiguity in Mid-Level Management in Primary Schools: Challenges and Expectations
    Sanet Myburgh, C.P. van der Vyver
  • Chapter 9
    Understanding the Instructional Leader’s Role of Heads of Departments at Parallel-Medium Primary Schools
    Zacharias L. de Beer
  • Chapter 10
    Enablers of Departmental Heads Curriculum Leadership: Views from Departmental Heads, Principals and Departmental Officials
    Tshepo T. Tapala
  • Chapter 11
    Emerging Leading Lights for Education Leadership practice and research
    Charl C. Wolhuter


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