Higher Education in the melting pot: Emerging discourses of the 4IR and Decolonisation

Volume editor
Felix Maringe


The idea of this book emerged from the Education Deans Forum (EDF) meeting held in Johannesburg in 2018.
The forum discussed the twin issues of the 4IR and Decolonisation and how these were likely to impact the
future development of Higher Education in South Africa. Essentially, this book provides scholarly analyses of a range of possible impacts of the two discourses. On one hand, the discourses are discussed as representing convergences and divergences in relation to their epistemological, ontological, axiological and methodological assumptions. On the other, they are portrayed as competing for dominance in the contemporary and future discourses in Higher Education.
As a scholarly compilation of high-end research, the book is a must-read resource for academics generally and
those in teacher education disciplines particularly. Issues of the automation of academic workspaces, impact
of digital divides, the opportunities and constraints of the technologisation of curricula, pedagogies, teaching
and learning and the intractable challenges of remote modalities of university instruction are dealt with by
some of the leading thinkers in the South African academies.


  • Chapter 1
    Clash of ideologies in post-colonial education systems: convergences and divergences between the imperatives of the fourth industrial revolution and the decolonisation of higher education
    Felix Maringe, Amasa P. Ndofirepi, Ruksana Osman
  • Chapter 2
    Imperatives of situating teacher and higher education in the context of the 4IR
    Simon Dlamini, Anass Bayaga, George Moyo
  • Chapter 3
    Foregrounding the complex dance of human relating and interacting in teacher development for 4.0 Education
    Ansie E. Kitching, Karen Collett, Lynne Damons
  • Chapter 4
    Access in Higher Education: Reimagining Education for the underprivileged groups in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
    Otilia Chiramba, Elizabeth S. Ndofirepi
  • Chapter 5
    Enhancing 21st-century skills through online facilitation
    Mari van Wyk, Kimera Moodley, Carla Coetzee, Ankie Robberts
  • Chapter 6
    The Myth of the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Implications for Teacher Education
    Ian Moll
  • Chapter 7
    From colonisation to self-colonisation: Efficacy of translanguaging as a socially just decolonising pedagogy
    Erasmos Charamba
  • Chapter 8
    Decolonisation and the Aims and Purposes of Teacher Education
    Oluwatoyin A. Ajani, Chinaza Uleanya
  • Chapter 9
    The affordances of open educational resources and student-centred open pedagogy for the decolonisation of teacher education in South Africa
    Jako Olivier
  • Chapter 10
    Teacher Education in the melting pot: closing thoughts to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4 IR) and Decolonisation in HE in South Africa
    Felix Maringe, Otilia Chiramba


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