Learning through assessment: An approach towards Self-Directed Learning

Volume editor
Elsa Mentz
Volume editor
Anitia Lubbe


This book aims to contribute to the discourse of learning through assessment within a self-directed learning environment. It adds to the scholarship of assessment and self-directed learning within a face-to-face and online learning environment. As part of the NWU Self-Directed Learning Book Series, this book is devoted to scholarship in the field of self-directed learning, focusing on ongoing and envisaged assessment practices for self-directed learning through which learning within the 21st century can take place. This book acknowledges and emphasises the role of assessment as a pedagogical tool to foster self-directed learning during face-to-face and online learning situations. The way in which higher education conceptualises teaching, learning and assessment has inevitably changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and now more than ever, we need learners to be self-directed in their learning.  Assessment plays a key role in learning and therefore, we have to identify innovative ways in which learning can be assessed and which are likely to become the new norm even after the pandemic has been brought under control. The goal of this book, consisting of original research, is to assist with the paradigm shift regarding the purpose of assessment, as well as provide new ideas on assessment strategies, methods and tools appropriate to foster self-directed learning in all modes of delivery.


  • Chapter 1
    Self-directed learning-oriented assessment and assessment literacy: Essential for 21st-century learning
    Anitia Lubbe, Elsa Mentz
  • Chapter 2
    Assessing axiologolects: Exploring the language of situated self-directed learning-oriented assessment
    Jako Olivier
  • Chapter 3
    Self-directed multimodal assessment: Towards assessing in a more equitable and differentiated way
    Jako Olivier
  • Chapter 4
    Aligning metaliteracy with self-directed learning to expand assessment opportunities
    Trudi E Jacobson, Thomas P Mackey, Jako Olivier
  • Chapter 5
    Leveraging student self-directed learning through online tutoring and integrated ipsative assessment
    Iman C Chahine, Saeid Belkasim
  • Chapter 6
    Assessment as an epistemological tool to facilitate metacognitive awareness and promote self-directed learning
    Divan Jagals
  • Chapter 7
    Value of feedback during the implementation of the group–individual–group cooperative learning method of assessment
    Elsa Mentz, Anitia Lubbe
  • Chapter 8
    Assessment: The driving force behind self-directed learning in English teacher training
    Marike Annandale, Elizabeth M Reyneke
  • Chapter 9
    Using digital technology as formative assessments to enhance self-directed learning
    Byron J Bunt, Gideon van Tonder
  • Chapter 10
    The role of teachers’ assessment beliefs in fostering self-directed learning skills within the school learning context and its implications for higher education
    Effiness Kamanga, Josef de Beer, Anitia Lubbe


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