Self-Directed Learning research and its impact on educational practice

Volume editor
Elsa Mentz
Volume editor
Roxanne Bailey


This scholarly book is the third volume in an NWU book series on self-directed learning and is devoted to self-directed learning research and its impact on educational practice. The importance of self-directed learning for learners in the 21st century to equip themselves with the necessary skills to take responsibility for their own learning for life cannot be overemphasised. The target audience does not only consist of scholars in the field of self-directed learning in Higher Education and the Schooling sector but includes all scholars in the field of teaching and learning in all education and training sectors. The book contributes to the discourse on creating dispositions towards self-directed learning among all learners and adds to the latest body of scholarship in terms of self-directed learning. Although from different perspectives, all chapters in the book are closely linked together around self-directed learning as a central theme, following on the work done in Volume 1 of this series (Self-Directed Learning for the 21st Century: Implications for Higher Education) to form a rich knowledge bank of work on self-directed learning.


  • Chapter 1
    Defining research focus in self-directed learning: An autoethnographic reflection
    Divan Jagals
  • Chapter 2
    Evaluating undergraduate students’ self-directed learning experiences during research-based learning
    Walter Uys, Wallace Chigona
  • Chapter 3
    Implementing guidelines for deeper self-directed learning in Computer Applications Technology education: Implications for lifelong learning
    Sukie van Zyl, Elsa Mentz
  • Chapter 4
    Lessons learnt in establishing a teaching presence in a cooperative blended learning environment: Facilitators’ perspectives
    Chantelle Bosch, Dorothy Laubscher
  • Chapter 5
    Puzzle video games and the benefits for critical thinking: Developing skills and dispositions towards self-directed learning
    Byron J Bunt, Mary Grosser
  • Chapter 6
    Teachers’ position regarding their curriculum as praxis: A self-directed learning capability perspective
    Marisa Verster, Elsa Mentz, Charlene du Toit-Brits
  • Chapter 7
    A Cultural-Historical Activity Theory gaze at teacher professional development to enhance self- directed learning and its transfer to the classroom
    Elsa Mentz, Josef de Beer
  • Chapter 8
    Facilitator experiences on implementing technology- supported cooperative learning professional development
    Gordon Sekano, Dorothy Laubscher, Roxanne Bailey
  • Chapter 9
    Using cooperative learning as scaffold to develop Grade 10 Life Sciences learners’ self-directed learning skills within their zone of proximal development
    Monica de Lange, Neal Petersen, Betty Breed
  • Chapter 10
    A contextual consideration of parental involvement in homework to develop self-regulated learning
    Bernadette Geduld, Marry Mdakane


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