Discipline in Education: Some less frequently explored issues

Volume editor
Johan Botha


This book addresses a perennial challenge to the success of the South African education system, namely, discipline. This volume steers the interrogation of discipline in a new direction, reflecting on ways in which recent research can benefit South African schools. This includes the need for alternative discipline that will enhance education. The scholarly contribution lies in its in-depth exploration of the relevance of research findings to South African schools and to the twenty-first-century socio-political environment. For the first time, scholarly interrogation of the issue of learner discipline in South African schools draws on indigenous knowledge systems. Its post-colonial and decolonial perspectives offer an ethical and moral compass for behaviour that could contribute to the well-being of South African society (and other societies similarly afflicted by anti-social behaviour). The book offers a range of perspectives on the debates on discipline and associated issues, and should stimulate future discussions on discipline and indiscipline at a time when South Africa and many other societies engage with the effects of social and political transformation.

This scholarly book is aimed at academics and researchers. The contributors include philosophers, moralists, corporativists, education law specialists, curriculum specialists, specialists in education and culture, advocates of ubuntu, and people using meta-syntheses of approaches and practices and religious practices such as a Christian ethical/moral approach to parental and school discipline. They draw on their insights into postcolonialism, the impact of indigenous knowledge, theories of agency, dysfunctionality and school underperformance. The book offers an intriguing depiction of opposing views on discipline.


  • Chapter 1
    A Christian ethical–moral approach to parental and school discipline
    Johannes L. (Hannes) van der Walt
  • Chapter 2
    Positive discipline in South African public schools: A metasynthesis of best practices and strategies
    J.P. Rossouw, Izak J. Oosthuizen
  • Chapter 3
    Towards the possible future development of new local ethico-ontoepistemologies of discipline
    Ferdinand J. Potgieter
  • Chapter 4
    Social factors influencing national certificate vocational student persistence, retention and early departure
    André van der Bijl, Aasief Gaffoor
  • Chapter 5
    A postcolonial perspective on discipline in South African schools: Survey and response
    Charl C. Wolhuter, Johannes L. (Hannes) van der Walt
  • Chapter 6
    Discipline from an indigenous knowledge systems perspective (Dealing with discipline and ill-discipline from traditional and modern perspectives in educational contexts)
    Mncedise N. Thambe, Josef de Beer
  • Chapter 7
    Educator indiscipline and school dysfunctionality: Underperforming rural schools of the North West province
    Susan Mans, Marius H. Smit
  • Chapter 8
    Order and discipline in schools: More to it than meets the eye
    Johannes L. (Hannes) van der Walt, Izak J. Oosthuizen
  • Chapter 9
    The effect of discipline on the academic performance of learners: International perspectives from the 2016 Progress in International Reading Literacy Study survey and the implications thereof for South Africa
    Charl C. Wolhuter
  • Chapter 10
    Education law perspectives on the application of positive discipline in schools
    Nicholus T. Mollo , Izak J. Oosthuizen


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