Human rights in diverse education contexts

Volume editor
JP Rossouw
Volume editor
Elda de Waal


The focus of this publication is on answering the central research question: How can human rights be advanced with regard to different kinds of diversities and in different educational settings? The publication pays special attention to the advancement of human rights in a variety of education-related contexts, in keeping with human rights as a declared national priority for both society at large and the education system. One strategic priority of the Faculty of Education is research based on market requirements and needs. This book strives towards meeting this expectation by directly aiming at building human rights and social justice in South African society, public schools and higher education institutions. Adjudication in the education context of the constitutional values of dignity, equality and freedom focusses regularly on learners. The book highlights the value of education for full-fledged citizenship by delineating what schooling should entail to inspire learners towards both claiming equal freedoms and rights and taking accountability for the responsibilities attached to citizenship.


  • Chapter 1
    The precarious position of policy implementers in the conundrum of politics, policy-making and implementation in education
    Elda de Waal, Johan Beckmann
  • Chapter 2
    The intersection between Human Rights Education and Global Citizenship Education
    Charl C Wolhuter
  • Chapter 3
    An education law perspective on teacher professionalism, professionalisation and unionism
    Nicholus Mollo, Johan Beckmann
  • Chapter 4
    Reflecting on and rethinking learners’ equal worth and equal citizenship: The rear-view mirrors of courts
    Erika Serfontein, Elda de Waal
  • Chapter 5
    Religious diversity in South African schools – the co-operative model and tolerance of school autonomy
    Marius Smit
  • Chapter 6
    In search of ways of curtailing aggression and violence in schools: A human rights-based approach
    Johan Botha
  • Chapter 7
    Deliberating ways in which diversity in skills capacity of schools violates learners’ rights: Possible solutions
    André du Plessis, Elize Küng
  • Chapter 8
    The changing nature of teaching-related work and resulting professional security of the higher education lecturer
    Franciska Bothma, JP Rossouw
  • Chapter 9
    An analysis of affective discursive practices of South African academics on an online university forum
    Louise Postma
  • Chapter 10
    Drives towards research productivity: International trends
    Ewelina Niemczyk, JP Rossouw


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