A scholarly inquiry into disciplinary practices in educational institutions

Volume editor
Connie B. Zulu
Volume editor
Izak J. Oosthuizen
Volume editor
Charl C. Wolhuter


This book is a collection of chapters based on original research dealing with issues of discipline and disciplinary practices in educational institutions. The aim of the book is to provide a scholarly and scientific perspective on the current state of discipline and disciplinary practices in schools and tertiary education settings. The issue of discipline is investigated from diverse paradigmatic and methodological perspectives, presenting empirical as well as also philosophical research. The empirical perspective includes quantitative (positivistic), qualitative (interpretive) and mixed methods (pragmatic), designs and worldviews. This book offers a ground-breaking contribution to the field of learner and student discipline, with insights into disciplinary practices and issues in educational institutions not hitherto researched, such as Technical Vocational Education and Training colleges and universities.


  • Chapter 1
    The future is upon us: Discipline in early 21st century schools, with special reference to the situation in South Africa
    Johannes van der Walt, Charl C. Wolhuter
  • Chapter 10
    The neo-liberal context and the demand for increased access as the Scylla and Charybdis for developing an agenda for the restoration of (student) discipline at South African universities
    Johannes van der Walt, Ferdinand J. Potgieter, Charl C. Wolhuter
  • Chapter 9
    The congeniality to sound learner discipline of the Finnish education system: Relevance for approaching learner discipline in South African schools
    Charl C. Wolhuter, Corene de Wet, Johannes van der Walt
  • Chapter 8
    The application of positive discipline at a Western Cape technical and vocational education and training college
    Louis J. Oosthuizen, Izak J. Oosthuizen, Andre van der Bijl
  • Chapter 7
    Disciplinary hearings: Legal principles and procedures
    Marius H. Smit
  • Chapter 6
    Application of due process in ensuring fair learner disciplinary hearings
    Nicholus T. Mollo, Rika Joubert
  • Chapter 5
    A normative analysis of student misconduct at a Technical and Vocational Education and Training college in the Western Cape
    Louis J. Oosthuizen, Izak J. Oosthuizen
  • Chapter 4
    Teachers’ and learners’ perceptions of the effect and effectiveness of corporal punishment as learner discipline practice in Botswana public secondary schools
    Amos T. Thebenyane, Connie B. Zulu
  • Chapter 3
    Teachers’ and learners’ perceptions of alternatives to corporal punishment: A human rights perspective
    Michael L. Marumo, Connie B. Zulu
  • Chapter 2
    Interactive relational dynamics as experienced by learners involved in bullying incidents in three South African secondary schools
    Ansie E. Kitching, Bianke van Rooyen, Zahraa McDonald
  • Chapter 11
    The turn to Positive Discipline in education: Existentialist and other contributions
    Johannes van der Walt, Izak J. Oosthuizen, Charl C. Wolhuter


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