Education Studies in South Africa: The quest for Relevance, Rigour and Restructuring

Volume editor
Charl Wolhuter
Volume editor
Deon Vos


The thesis of this volume is that the fields of scholarly enquiry of Education — internationally as well as in South Africa in particular — despite being fields of virile scholarly activity and output, are in need of a major overhaul. In this collected work this want in research is encapsulated in three words: relevance, rigour and restructuring. Research in the scholarly field(s) of Education is predominantly of small scale, non-accumulative, widely condemned as not of a comparable standard to research done in other social sciences, much less upon a par with research in the natural sciences, and lacking structure in the sense of being anchored in a firm theory. To make matters worse, scholars in Education internationally and in South Africa have till very recently eschewed discussion as to the packaging or structuring of knowledge produced by Education research. The book consists of chapters containing original research unpacking these desiderata from a variety of angles. The authors had them served by a variety of methods, from deductively argued position papers, to empirical research, the latter both quantitative (survey research) and qualitative.


  • Chapter 1
    Relevance, Rigour and Restructuring: The 3Rs as compass for a community of scholars in need of direction
    Charl Wolhuter
  • Chapter 2
    Mapping enablers and constraints in context: Primary teachers’ experiences of teaching in crowded classrooms in a South African school
    Paul N. Munje, Fumane Khanare, Nirashnee Muthusamy
  • Chapter 3
    Novice Teachers’ Challenges in Practice and Perspective on Mentorship
    Catherine Whalen
  • Chapter 4
    School health promotion coordinators’ perception of caring leadership provision by principals
    Siphokazi Kwatubana
  • Chapter 5
    Comparative and International Education and the Quest for Relevance, Authenticity, Structure and Responsiveness in Research in Education
    Charl Wolhuter
  • Chapter 6
    A practice based approach to teaching the SIAS model in learner support
    Elsabé Wessels
  • Chapter 7
    Family involvement in life skills development in primary school learners
    Tanja Spamer, Julialet Rens, Carolina Botha
  • Chapter 8
    Building a vision for social justice praxis for teacher education through service-learning
    Andri Schoonen
  • Chapter 9
    Relocating social justice in the policy-pedagogy-research nexus: Insights from the Mauritian language-in-education policy
    Aruna Ankiah-Gangadeen, Pascal S. Nadal
  • Chapter 10
    International Developments in the Structuring of Education Research
    Charl Wolhuter
  • Chapter 11
    Theory Building in Education
    Charl Wolhuter
  • Chapter 12
    Modes I, II and III Knowledge Production and Education: Relevance, rigour and structure
    Charl Wolhuter
  • Chapter 13
    The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Implications and opportunities presented by a new economic order for Education to be a rigorous, relevant and structured field of scholarship
    Charl Wolhuter


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