Leadership for change: Developing transformational student leaders through global learning spaces

Volume editor
WP Wahl
Volume editor
René Pelser


This edited volume reveals how the journey of transformation at the University of the Free State (UFS) became interwoven with student leadership development and global learning. The UFS initiated two intersecting co-curricular programmes, namely, the First-Year Leadership for Change (F1L4C) programme in 2010; and the triennial Global Leadership Summit (GLS) in 2012. Although these programmes changed over time, their core focus remained to be the development of transformational student leaders through the creation of global learning spaces. From its inception in 2010 to the last GLS in 2018, the UFS global learning project involved 780 students and 259 staff members from 109 institutions, across four continents. The goal of this edited volume is to create a deeper understanding of how the UFS F1L4C and GLS programmes enhanced student leadership development through global learning, especially in the context of higher education transformation.


  • Preface
    WP Wahl
  • Chapter 1
    Theoretical perspectives on student leadership development through global learning initiatives
    WP Wahl, Tracey Mason-Innes
  • Chapter 2
    Higher education in a globalizing world: The challenge of glocal education and the call to decolonize universities
    Carolina Suransky
  • Chapter 3
    Breaking into a free state of mind: Rationale and evidence for ‘study abroad’ out of rural South Africa
    Jonathan Jansen
  • Chapter 4
    Architecture and evolvement of the F1L4C and GLS programmes: 2010 to 2018
    René Pelser
  • Chapter 5
    Transformation in times of largeness: The challenges of conflation
    Giselle Baillie
  • Chapter 6
    Networks of leadership and social change
    Beverley Bell, David Bell, Marianne Sarkis
  • Chapter 7
    Student narratives on identity, leadership and transformation in a post-apartheid South African university
    Frans Kamsteeg
  • Chapter 8
    Race, religion, and reconciliation: academic initiatives, leadership development, and social change
    Regennia N. Williams
  • Chapter 9
    An integrated understanding of theory, learning and transformation
    WP Wahl


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