Self-Directed Learning for the 21st Century: Implications for Higher Education

Volume editor
Elsa Mentz
Volume editor
Josef de Beer
Volume editor
Roxanne Bailey


This book is devoted to scholarship in the field of self-directed learning in the 21st century, with specific reference to higher education. The target audience of the book includes scholars in the field of self-directed learning and higher education. The book contributes to the discourse on the quality of education in the 21st century and adds to the body of scholarship in terms of self-directed learning, and specifically its role in higher education. Although all the chapters in the book directly address self-directed learning, the different foci and viewpoints raised make the book a rich knowledge bank of work on self-directed learning.



  • Chapter 1
    Self-directed learning: A conceptual overview
    Chantelle Bosch, Elsa Mentz, Roelien Goede
  • Chapter 2
    The impact of cooperative learning on self-directed learning
    David W. Johnson, Roger T. Johnson
  • Chapter 3
    Moving to deeper self-directed learning as an essential competency for the 21st century
    Sukie van Zyl, Elsa Mentz
  • Chapter 4
    The importance of context for self-directed learning
    Josef de Beer
  • Chapter 5
    In pursuit of accomplished teacher development through praxis in a South African distance learning programme
    Corné Kruger
  • Chapter 6
    Towards a multiliteracies framework in support of self-directed learning through open educational resources
    Jako Olivier
  • Chapter 7
    A systematic review of research on the use of technology-supported cooperative learning to enhance self-directed learning
    Elsa Mentz, Roxanne Bailey
  • Chapter 8
    A teaching–learning framework for adaptive instruction using cooperative learning and Socratic questioning to promote self-directed learning: A systematic literature review
    Dorothy Laubscher, Roxanne Bailey, Per B. Bergamin, Christo van der Westhuizen
  • Chapter 9
    Developing self-directed learning skills of geography student teachers through online problem-based learning designs
    Christo van der Westhuizen, Aubrey Golightly
  • Chapter 10
    Constructive congruencies in self-directed learning and entrepreneurship education
    Adri du Toit
  • Chapter 11
    Participative assessment practices and its contribution to the development of self-directed learning skills
    Anitia Lubbe, Elsa Mentz


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