Submission Guidelines

Focus and scope

We publish the following types of scholarly books:
Monographs: A stand-alone work of original research or in-depth literature review by one or more authors.

Collected works: A stand-alone work assembled by one or more scholars in a field or related fields, often as a supplement to a scholarly journal.
Collective works: A stand-alone work assembled by one or more scholars in several related fields and collectively reviewed.
Books series: A collection of volumes on a subject/field of study. Volumes can be a monograph by one or two authors, or a collected/collective work by various authors. Book series usually produce one volume per year in an ongoing process.
PhD dissertations: A stand-alone work based on a recent PhD thesis, with substantial reworking (>50%) and new research additions.
Conference proceedings: A collection of shorter academic papers published in the context of an academic conference.


Learn more about the scholarly areas we publish in here. In order to help you gauge whether your proposal is eligible, it must meet the following criteria: (1) the purpose of the book/conference proceedings must be to disseminate original research and new developments within a specific discipline, subdiscipline or field of study, (2) the target audience of the book/conference proceedings must be specialists in the relevant field.


If a book is based on a dissertation or thesis it must be clearly identified as such, and there must be evidence of substantial reworking (at least 50%) and additional research carried out. In the case of conference proceedings the conference must have an editorial board, and evidence must be provided to AOSIS of full peer review of all complete articles.


Book proposal forms

Download the applicable form to complete, either the (a) book proposal, or (b) conference proceedings proposal. After registration on the book website, proceed to upload the form for consideration by the Chief Editor.


Formatting requirements of the manuscript

The manuscript must be neatly prepared, spell-checked, and adhere to the following guides, (a) Harvard referencing style. and (b) AOSIS Publishing house style.


Additional documents required (if applicable)

The following form (Third-party material release form) need to be filled in and submitted with the manuscript online if copyright-protected material is used.