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AOSIS publishes open access books under AOSIS Scholarly Books. As an established academic publisher, we provide comprehensive publishing services for scholarly research books stemming from African scholars or those providing an African viewpoint across various academic disciplines. Our authors want to inspire generations, elevate indigenous knowledge, and challenge conventional thinking. We are committed to the dissemination of thoroughly peer-reviewed, research-based publications. Our imprints are:

  • AOSIS Books: Books that are research-focused and written by scholars and aimed at other scholarly readers. These books are peer-reviewed and wholly aligned with the 'Research Output Policy' of the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) of South Africa.
  • ITUTA Books: Books that are research-based and written by scholars for a most likely readership of practitioners and students.
  • KROTOA Books: Books that are research-based and written by scholars, primarily aimed at a general public readership.

We believe open access books promotes accessibility and uptake worldwide, serving the professional and scientific community's best interests and the public. Since no fees are charged for access to our open access books, we offset the publication expenses by a once-off publication fee to authors, institutions or funders. View our New & Improved Publishing Options.



The quality of the content is matched by the quality of presentation, achieved through a professional design that guarantees books that are attractive and a pleasure to read. Every book we publish is available to read online for free. In addition, printed versions are available through a print-on-demand service. This offers a sustainable and cost-effective way to publish, coupled with timeous printing and delivery.


Our Book Services

  • Peer review management: The manuscript selection and commercial publishing processes operate independently to prevent undue commercial influence over the selection process.
  • Plagiarism detection management: We use a leading provider of professional plagiarism detection and prevention technology to ensure the originality of written work before publication.
  • Online publication engagement: We offer online engagement throughout the publication process, which includes preparing your book proposal, copyediting, and proofreading.
  • Layouts in several digital formats: All books are freely available on our website in PDF format. The physical print copy and ePUB versions can be ordered for a fee.
  • Indexing services management: We work closely with relevant indexing services to ensure that published books will be available in their databases. These include OAPEN, DOAB, Scopus, Google Books and Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics Book Citation Index).
  • Marketing: AOSIS promotes books in the following ways: (a) a book launch announcement in our appropriate domain collection newsletter; (b) listing the book on our websiteand library websites under the appropriate domain collection; (c) a direct email to announce the launch to contacts provided by the author; (d) a book launch announcement on our social media pages; (e) indexing the book on OAPEN and DOAB; (f) proposing the book to web indexes such as Scopus, Google Books and Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics Book Citation Index); (g) by encouraging authors to update their online profiles, for example their Wikipedia profiles, blog profiles, the website of the institution where they work, LinkedIn profile, email signatures, etc., by listing their new book with a link to the book catalogue; and (h) we also encourage our authors to create an ORCID profile.
  • Distribution: All open access books are freely available on our website in PDF format. The physical print copy and ePUB versions of all available books can be ordered for a fee. To order print copies, please click here.


Community involvement

We work with external partners and the scholarly community to lead the way for open access books:

  • AOSIS is a member of OAPEN, a dedicated platform for hosting, dissemination, discovery and preservation of open access books.
  • We are sponsors of the Directory of Open Access Books, for increased discoverability of open access books.

AOSIS is a member and/or subscribes to the standards and code of practices of several leading industry organisations.  View Memberships