Submission Procedure


Our aim is to build a long-term relationship with authors and to keep them informed throughout the publication process. Our services include peer review, copyediting, proofreading, layout in several digital formats, print on demand, distribution and indexing. A state of the art online manuscript submission and peer review system facilitates timely communication.



A book aimed to be published in a particular calendar year should be submitted no later than the end of April, as peer review takes 1.5–2 months from the date of receipt of the full manuscript, and then publication takes another 4–6 months.



  • STEP 1: Proposal submission. Login and submit your completed proposal form through our online submission system.

  • STEP 2: Initial evaluation. The Chief Editor, in consultation with one or more collection experts on the Editorial Board, considers all submitted proposals for further evaluation and peer review.

  • STEP 3: Signing of contract. Once the book proposal has been approved AOSIS will offer a publication agreement with a publication cost estimate. The author has to accept this agreement for the process to move forward. The author needs to arrange funding based on this initial cost estimate, and AOSIS will provide assistance if needed.

  • STEP 4: Peer review. Once the manuscript is received the Chief Editor will appoint three reviewers (a title editor acting as co-ordinating reviewer, and two co-reviewers) to conduct an in-depth peer review of the manuscript. The co-ordinating reviewer will provide a peer review report to the Chief Editor with a recommendation. The Chief Editor will provide feedback to the author(s) on the outcome of the peer review. The peer review process will take 1.5–2 months from the date upon which the full manuscript is received. If the manuscript is accepted for publication the author must provide a research justification report for the work.

  • STEP 5:  Payment of Author-side Publication Charges (APCs). Upon acceptance of the manuscript for publication AOSIS will provide a letter of acceptance as well as a final production and publication quotation to assist the author(s) to obtain funding (usually from the HEI).

  • STEP 6: Production. The production process will start (copyediting, typesetting and proofreading) once full payment or a funding commitment has been obtained from the author and/or the HEI.

  • STEP 7:  Publication. Once the production process has been completed and full payment of the production cost has been received, the work will be published online (full text in PDF) and also made available for download in ePUB, or print ordering. The publication process takes 3–4 months from the date that the final manuscript is received after peer review.