Peer Review Policy


AOSIS publishes research-based works that are peer reviewed. This guarantees the quality of our publications, and we therefore regularly appeal to the scholarly community to assist in this process.

The peer review of scholarly books is conducted by a Chief Editor (for scholarly books) supported by international Domain Editorial Boards (DEBs) and expert review panels.

1. All book proposals are first reviewed and approved by the relevant DEB, which also nominates suitable reviewers.

2. All manuscripts are reviewed by a peer review panel. Each peer review panel consists of a coordinating reviewer, and two additional reviewers, who are both experts in the main coverage area of the manuscript. Local and international reviewers are used to ensure a balanced review.

The names of the Editorial Board, the scholarly justification report and a peer review declaration are published as part of the book.

The manuscript selection and commercial publishing process operate independently, to prevent undue commercial influence over the manuscript selection process. The Chief Editor, Editorial Board, and reviewers are responsible for selection, peer review and editorial matters, while the publisher decides on all commercial and publishing matters (production and layout, dissemination and marketing). Reviewers must declare any conflict of interest with manuscripts submitted to them for review; this process is managed accordingly by the Chief Editor.

The review process is electronically managed through an online manuscript management system, and archived for future reference and possible audit. The entire publishing process is coordinated by AOSIS.

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