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Book Title Year Published Language Clarivate Analytics Book Citation Index, Social Sciences & Humanities
A scholarly inquiry into disciplinary practices in educational institutions 2019 English
Christelike Etiek in n Sekulariserende Samelewing 2016 Afrikaans
Corruption in South Africa's Liberal Democratic Context: Equipping Christian Leaders and Communities for their Role in Countering Corruption 2016 English
Critical Management Studies in the South African Context 2016 English
Culture, Philosophies and Reforms in Public Administration for the Globalising World: A Reflection on Local, Regional and International Perspectives 2018 English
Debating Otherness with Richard Kearney: Perspectives from South Africa 2018 English
Decolonisation of e-Government Research and Practice: Exploring Contextual Issues and Opportunities in Africa 2018 English
Ecodomy - Life in Its Fullness: Brokenness and Wholeness 2017 English & Afrikaans
e-Government Development Discourse: Analysing Contemporary and Future Growth Prospects in Developing and Emerging Economies 2018 English
Genetiese bevindings in ‘n groep Afrikaners met skisofrenie 2019 Afrikaans
Human rights in diverse education contexts 2019 English
Information Technology Project Managers' Competencies: An Analysis of Performance and Personal Competencies 2016 English
Issues Around Aligning Theory, Research and Practice in Social Work Education 2018 English
Judging Q and Saving Jesus: Q's Contribution to the Wisdom-Apocalypticism Debate in Historical Jesus Studies 2016 English
Justice-based ethics: Challenging South African perspectives 2018 English
Just Faith: Glocal Responses to Planetary Urbanisation 2018 English
Legacies of Albert Schweitzer Reconsidered 2016 English
Martin Luther: ʼn Inleiding tot sy lewe, denke en geskrifte 2019 Afrikaans
Medicinal Effects of Agathosma (Buchu) Extracts 2019 English
Missional Leadership 2019 English
Moral Issues in the Natural Sciences and Technologies 2019 English
Nadenke Oor 500 Jaar se Reformatoriese Teologie 2017 Afrikaans
Nicholas Bhekinkosi Hepworth Bhengu’s Lasting Legacy: World’s Best Black Soul Crusader 2018 English
Perspectives on Theology of Religions 2017 English
Praktiese ekklesiologie - Kerkwees in die 21ste eeu 2016 Afrikaans
Re-Authoring Life Narratives After Trauma: A Holistic Narrative Model of Care 2019 English
Raising the Impact of Education Research in Africa 2018 English
Reconceiving Reproductive Health: Theological and Christian Ethical Reflections 2019 English
Reformed Theology Today: Biblical and Systematic-Theological Perspectives 2017 English
Reformed Theology Today: Practical-Theological, Missiological and Ethical Perspectives 2017 English
Scholarly Contribution to Educational Praxis 2016 English
Self-Directed Learning Research: An Imperative for Transforming the Educational Landscape 2016 English
Self-Directed Learning for the 21st Century: Implications for Higher Education 2019 English
Signposts to Silence. Metaphysical mysticism: theoretical map and historical pilgrimages 2018 English
Spirituality in Diversity: South East Asia Meets South Africa - Towards a Global View of Spiritual Counselling 2019 English
South Africa’s water governance hydraulic mission (1912–2008) in a WEF nexus context 2018 English
Symbiosis between Information System Project Complexity and Information and Information System Project Success 2017 English
The decolonisation of the curriculum project: The affordances of indigenous knowledge for self-directed learning 2019 English
The Language of Faith in Southern Africa: Spirit World, Power, Community, Holism 2019 English
The Walk Without Limbs: Searching for Indigenous Health Knowledge in a Rural Context of South Africa 2019 English
Theologies of Childhood and the Children of Africa 2016 English
Theology at the University of Pretoria - 100 years: (1917 - 2017) Past, Present and Future 2017 English
Togetherness in South Africa: Religious Perspectives on Racism, Xenophobia and Economic Inequality 2017 English
Truimphant Love: The Contextual, Creative and Strategic Missionary Work of Amy Beatrice Carmichael in South India 2017 English
Voices from the South: Digital Arts and Humanities 2018 English
Waarheidsweg Dhammapada: Vertaal uit Pali, Verklaar, Verstaan, Vertolk 2017 Afrikaans
Welcoming Africa's Children - Theological and Ministry Perspectives 2016 English
Youth Ministry: An inclusive missional approach 2018 English


Conference Proceedings

Proceedings Title Year Published Language Clarivate Analytics Conference Proceedings Citation Index, Social Sciences & Humanities
Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Business and Finance 2015 English
Proceedings of the International Conference on Business and Management Dynamics 2016: Sustainable economies in the information economy 2016 English