Debating Otherness with Richard Kearney: Perspectives from South Africa

Volume editor
Yolande Steenkamp
Volume editor
Daniël P Veldsman


Richard Kearney is one of the leading global thinkers in both continental philosophy and post-metaphysical philosophy of religion and an esteemed Irish philosophy professor, currently teaching at Boston College, Massachusetts, USA. Professor Kearney first visited South Africa as a joint visiting academic at the Universities of Stellenbosch, Pretoria, and North-West in May. The visit prompted the publication of this scholarly collected work, authored by South African and international scholars. These philosophy and religious studies specialists analysed Kearney’s influential work and brought his scholarly perspectives into dialogue with other leading thinkers in the field, both from Africa and abroad. This publication will be the first collective attempt to engage his work from the perspective of the African continent. This collected work contributes significantly to Ricoeurdian studies in an interdisciplinary way. The target audience of the book is peers and specialists in the field of continental philosophy and philosophy of religion.


  • Chapter 1
    Introduction to Richard Kearney’s intellectual autobiography: Where do you come from, Richard Kearney?
    Justin Sands
  • Chapter 2
    Where I speak from: A short intellectual autobiography
    Richard Kearney
  • Chapter 3
    Phenomenology in South Africa: An indirect encounter with Richard Kearney
    Pieter Duvenage
  • Chapter 4
    Transcendence and anatheism
    Anné H Verhoef
  • Chapter 5
    Response to Richard Kearney’s Anatheism: Anatheism and holy folly
    Johann-Albrecht Meyhlahn
  • Chapter 6
    Kearney between poles: Is too much lost in the middle?
    Yolande Steenkamp
  • Chapter 7
    Strangers, Gods and Africa: In dialogue with Richard Kearney on Otherness
    Schalk H Gerber
  • Chapter 8
    Approaching the threshold: Hospitality as a pedagogical wager in the work of Richard Kearney
    Helgard Pretorius
  • Chapter 9
    God-talk, the biblical prophets and Richard Kearney
    Daniël P Veldsman
  • Chapter 10
    A ‘strange’ theology: Engaging with Richard Kearney
    Wessel Bentley
  • Chapter 11
    Trinitarian theology and Richard Kearney’s anatheism: An engagement
    Rian Venter
  • Chapter 12
    After God but behind the Cross: The procession as a way to re-encounter God in a culture beyond classical liturgy
    Daniël P Veldsman, Mirella Klomp
  • Chapter 13
    Touch gives rise to thought: Paul Ricoeur and Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela on mutual recognition and carnal hermeneutics
    Robert Vosloo
  • Chapter 14
    Towards hospitality between enemies
    Wilhelm Verwoerd
  • Chapter 15
    Across oceans: A conversation on Otherness, hospitality and welcoming a strange God
    Daniël P Veldsman, Yolande Steenkamp, Richard Kearney


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