Reformed theology today: Practical-theological, missiological and ethical perspectives

Volume editor
Sarel P van der Walt
Volume editor
Nico Vorster


This book is unique and of great importance for theologians from diverse traditions who share the relevance of the academic Reformed discourse. The book focuses on and forms part of celebrating 500 years since the start of the Reformation during the 16th century. Its purpose is to commemorate the quincentenary anniversary of the Reformation in Europe and to indicate how the rich legacy of this important period in the history of the church and society still influences the global theological landscape in the fields of practical theology, missiology and ethics. Specific attention is given to how the core principles of the Reformation can be utilised for these disciplines and applied in a contemporary context.

The Reformation changed the ecclesiastical landscape of the day and still provides the benchmark for theological principles and praxis in many Protestant denominations. This book illustrates and underscores the practical-theological legacy and importance of the Reformation for church and society, with the collected works by various theologians reflecting on the impact of Reformed Theology on their respective fields of expertise.

This book focuses on how the legacy of the Reformation addresses practical and relevant issues for 21st-century believers, scholars and churches. It explores, inter alia, important homiletical and liturgical aspects of the Reformation and contemplates the importance of continual reformation in this regard. Furthermore, it discusses a Reformed approach to apologetics, evaluates the driving forces behind the Reformation of the 16th century and its relevance to missions today, as well as examines the sola Scriptura principle of the Reformation and provides a critical perspective on Prosperity Theology. Several pastoral themes take centre stage before various aspects of xenophobia and civil prejudice are investigated – both being very relevant topics throughout the world today. The book also focuses on hermeneutics and ethics in a quest for a biblical ethical approach and congregational hymns in the Reformed churches of South Africa today. The research outcomes are relevant not only for the South African context but also globally.


  • Chapter 1
    Speaking about God: Luther as guide in the field of homiletics
    J Kommers
  • Chapter 2
    Evaluation of the concept of continuous reformation (semper reformanda) in liturgy focussed on the Reformation of the 16th century and the emergent church movement
    Ben J de Klerk, Ferdi P Kruger
  • Chapter 3
    Convinced by Scripture and plain reason: Reasonable reformational apologetics
    HG Stoker
  • Chapter 4
    Was the church made only for mission? Revisiting missio Dei and missio ecclesia from the perspective of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians
    Gert Breed
  • Chapter 5
    Missiology and Reformation in a post- Christian Western world
    Ignatius Wilhelm Ferreira
  • Chapter 6
    Paying unpaid debts: Reformational antidotes for some of the challenges posed by prosperity gospel theology
    PJ Buys
  • Chapter 7
    Towards a pastoral care for Africa: Some practical theological considerations for a contextual approach
    Alfred Brunsdon
  • Chapter 8
    Xenophobia and social prejudice through the lens of Calvin: From ‘iron philosophy’ to homo sympatheticus in a practical theology of home within the global dilemma of displaced refugees
    Daniël J Louw
  • Chapter 9
    Hermeneutics and ethics: The quest for a ‘biblical ethic’
    JM Vorster
  • Chapter 10
    From psalter to hymnal: Recent developments in the Reformed Churches in South Africa in the light of the principles and practices of the Reformation
    JH van Rooy


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