Rethinking commerce education in South Africa: The case for change to develop future-fit business leaders

Volume editor
Elsabé Loots
Volume editor
Johan Oberholster


This book aims to advance the knowledge on the future of business education in South Africa and to allow all relevant role players (universities and industry) the opportunity to debate and share ideas on how to best position business education to optimally serve the interest of students and the dynamic changes taking place in the world of work. Although some of these changes have taken shape before 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need and pace for change. If business schools (in our context, faculties of economic and management sciences) do not adapt rapidly, they will be left behind by other up-and-coming industry providers. The research scope covers all business-related undergraduate and postgraduate economics, management and accounting programmes, excluding MBA programmes.


  • Chapter 1
    Rethinking Commerce Education: Why do we need to adapt or change?
    Elsabé Loots
  • Chapter 2
    The future of commerce education: Facilitating first year student success in commerce faculties in South Africa
    Johan Oberholster
  • Chapter 3
    A holistic approach to preparing students for the future world of work: Towards a conceptual framework
    Alex Antonites, Wesley Rosslyn-Smith
  • Chapter 4
    The future world of work for professional accountants: The top employability skills that industry expects from university graduates
    Vusani Moyo, Modimowabarwa Kanyane
  • Chapter 5
    Valuable lessons learnt from the Presidential Youth Employment Initiative Internship Programme
    Willie T Chinyamurindi
  • Chapter 6
    Framework for academic success: Roles and responsibilities of both students and lecturers
    Andres Merino, Warren Maroun, Chris Callaghan
  • Chapter 7
    Towards inclusive teaching and learning practices: A guideline for commerce academics
    Sedzani Musundwa
  • Chapter 8
    Digital transformation trends in commerce education influencing the future business professor: Skills, challenges and implications
    Liandi van den Berg, Verona Leendertz, Jhalukpreya Surujlal, Herman van der Merwe
  • Chapter 9
    Re-thinking doctoral education for future commerce academics and business leaders
    Pia Lamberti, Susan Benvenuti
  • Chapter 10
    The future of commerce education: Utilising Generative AI for effective teaching and learning
    Alta van der Merwe
  • Chapter 11
    How blended learning can be used to stop the convenient excuse of not innovating due to large classes and resource constraints
    Gary Marques
  • Chapter 12
    Developing ethics competence of future business leaders: Challenges in higher education
    Mandie Wentzel, Kato Plant
  • Chapter 13
    The role of education curricula in creating ethical business leaders for the future
    Dinko H Boikanyo
  • Chapter 14
    Responsible management education in Africa: Teaching sustainable business strategies
    Theresa Onaji-Benson
  • Chapter 15
    Unlocking the power of micro-credentials in commerce degrees: A practical example
    Adriana Steyn, Sunet Eybers


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