Local economies and pandemics: Regional perspectives

Volume editor
Marius Venter
Volume editor
Chané de Bruyn


The outbreak of the global COVID-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges to both developed and less developed local economies. The aim of the book is to uncover the best practises in responding to a pandemic from global perspectives, as well as from a trans-disciplinary point of view. Scholars from various spheres in arts, culture, education, health, environment, business and the public sector present their perspectives on the impacts, responses and consequences for local economies and communities.

As a fundamental part of LED, the arts, culture, education, health, environment, business and the public sector domains were some of the hardest hit by the pandemic. The pandemic has certainly exposed the weaknesses of current development policies and calls for new, innovative measures in developing resilient local regions. This book will form an essential part of the development series of CENLED as it offers insight into how a global pandemic (COVID-19) impacted LED in the global North and Global South and the different responses from different spheres.


  • Chapter 1
    Local Economies Preparing for a Turbulent Future
    Peter Kearns
  • Chapter 2
    Applying causation, effectuation, and crucible tactics to the COVID-19 pandemic's consequences on startups
    Marcos Ferasso
  • Chapter 3
    Facilitating small business development post-covid using a mentoring programme to assist practitioners within the arts and culture sector of South Africa
    Peter Baur
  • Chapter 4
    The importance of Recognition of Prior Learning for economic growth and development and social change
    Shirley Lloyd
  • Chapter 5
    Sustaining higher education service delivery levels post-COVID-19
    Lizl Steynberg, Jan P Grundling
  • Chapter 6
    Education providers as first responders to economic reconstruction and development plans
    Shirley Lloyd
  • Chapter 7
    Measuring the impact of covid on local economic development by exploring shifts in financial market behaviour
    Peter Baur
  • Chapter 8
    How resilient are local economies in times of a global pandemic? The case of a local region in South Africa
    Chané de Bruyn, Marinda Pretorius
  • Chapter 9
    A comparative assessment of the impact of COVID-19 on the Gauteng regional economy: Evidence of structural change
    Daniel Meyer, Natanya Meyer
  • Chapter 10
    Investment and Local Economic Development: How has Covid-19 impacted local investment?
    Marinda Pretorius, Chané de Bruyn


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