Theological perspectives on re-imagining leadership in post-COVID-19 Africa

Volume editor
Philip La Grange Du Toit
Volume editor
Alfred R Brunsdon


Post-corona disease 2019 (COVID-19) realities are challenging leaders in all spheres of society in many ways. From the onset of the pandemic, leaders on every level were challenged to provide appropriate guidance in the face of new and adverse realities. From the micro level of local congregations to the macro level of national governments, leaders were required to provide the type of leadership that would not only address immediate obstacles but simultaneously be visionary in the face of uncertainties that became the hallmark of post-COVID-19 society. In this book, the authors reflect on leadership in a post-COVID-19 society from bibliological, practical, theological, missiological and ethical perspectives. Although the authors have the global village in mind, the focus leans towards the African context. The book aims to contribute meaningfully to a much-needed and re-imagined vision of leaders which fits post-COVID-19 societies.


  • Chapter 1
    Leadership principles from Deuteronomy for the post-COVID-19 church
    Albert J Coetsee
  • Chapter 2
    Bloated self-interest or humble Christian leadership: Reflections from Matthew 23:3–12
    Francois P Viljoen
  • Chapter 3
    Paul as leader in the New Testament: How to avoid the ‘power paradox’
    Elma Cornelius
  • Chapter 4
    Christ-centred leadership in the Pauline Letters
    Philip La Grange Du Toit
  • Chapter 5
    Hope and bridgebuilding leadership in a post-COVID-19 context: Insights from 1 Peter
    Jacobus Kok
  • Chapter 6
    Re-imagining leadership in a post-COVID-19 glocal village to provide spiritual healing and pastoral care
    Rudy A Denton
  • Chapter 7
    Healing nostalgia among congregational leaders in post-COVID-19 Africa
    Alfred R Brunsdon
  • Chapter 8
    Uncertainty as certainty in a COVID-19 complex world: Reflections on leading congregations for effective missional praxis
    Christopher Magezi
  • Chapter 9
    Default or reset? Missional leadership challenges for church leaders in COVID-19 en route to the new normal
    Frederick Marais, Nelus Niemandt
  • Chapter 10
    Leadership and the communication of ethics: Rawls and the COVID-19 pandemic
    Manitza Kotzé
  • Chapter 11
    Reflections on re-imagining leadership in post-COVID-19 Africa
    Philip La Grange Du Toit, Alfred R Brunsdon


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