Finding a moral compass for South Africa: Where are we? Where could we go?

JM Vorster


The research question of this book reads: Can South Africans, amidst all the contemporary distrust in political leadership and moral decay, find a moral compass that could lead them to a humane society of mutual trust, respect for each other, a flourishing life and a bright future for future generations? This book presents new perspectives on the psychopathology created by colonisation, the failures of the post-1994 dispensation regarding reconciliation, transformation, justice, distorted family life, violence, unity in diversity, as well as moral leadership and agency and indifference to a future of hope. It proposes a new moral compass that can lead South Africa out of the abyss.


  • Chapter 1
    Angle of approach
  • Chapter 2
    Our colonial heritage
  • Chapter 3
    Our post-1994 heritage
  • Chapter 4
    The road to newness: All-embracing reconciliation
  • Chapter 5
    Challenging poverty and coming to grips with economic justice
  • Chapter 6
    Making family life the moral seedbed of our society
  • Chapter 7
    Extinguishing the fires of violence
  • Chapter 8
    Achieving unity enriched by diversity
  • Chapter 9
    Finding leaders with moral fibre and citizens engaging in moral intervention
  • Chapter 10
    The moral compass to a future of decent nationhood and a community of character


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