Promoting sustainable local economic development initiatives: Case studies

Volume editor
Marius Venter


This book endeavours to outline case studies that promote sustainable Local Economic Development (LED) initiatives. It is generally believed that local governments are the foot-soldiers of LED. However, this seems to be a myth, as local government in South Africa and elsewhere have not yet fulfilled this mandate and have been struggling for several years to implement LED initiatives. The distinctive merit of this book lies in the way it combines the South African context with the wider international development context in ways that there is a flow of information and ideas, both ways. The book is an essential part of this sequence of ideas development and action at a critical time for strategic action directed at a sustainable future. It showcases case studies and responses to the impacts of globalisation as a bridge between urban/rural and institutional action, and reveals avenues for local government leadership in communities, research, student engagement and wider interactions.


  • Chapter 1
    Overcoming gender inequality through skills development within the arts and culture sector of South Africa – Case study: The Arts and Cultural Trust Building Blocks Programme
    Peter Baur
  • Chapter 2
    Empowering women-owned businesses trading at the Tshakhuma Fresh Produce Market in Limpopo
    Tsakani V. Khosa
  • Chapter 3
    Empowerment of automotive artisans and the unemployed: a case of the Winterveld Enterprise Hub
    Chika Chitambala, Marius Venter, Elana Swanepoel
  • Chapter 4
    Leveraging indigenous knowledge for local economic development: The case of homebrewed alcohol in the Sekhukhune District Municipality
    Seutame O. Maimele, Naiefa Rashied
  • Chapter 5
    A lifelong learning approach drives economic development in Gwydir Shire
    Maxwell T. Eastcott-Layton, Leone Wheeler
  • Chapter 6
    Local economic development and food and energy sustainability: City of Tshwane
    Matshepo Kanye, Elana Swanepoel
  • Chapter 7
    Local economic development and infrastructure: Zero wastewater, save ocean life, save the environment and save the people
    Elana Swanepoel, Seutame O. Maimele
  • Chapter 8
    Local economic development and an enabling environment: A business perspective
    Natanya Meyer, Daniel F. Meyer
  • Chapter 9
    Diversification or concentration of economic sectors for development: An assessment of the regional economy of Gauteng Province, South Africa
    Daniel F. Meyer, Chané de Bruyn
  • Chapter 10
    The ‘resettlers’ of the Three Gorges Dam project: The risk of social articulation impoverishment in regional and local economic development
    Lizl Steynberg, Shimei Jiang, Jan P. Grundling, Yuan Li


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