Transformation of learning and teaching in rehabilitation sciences: A case study from South Africa

Volume editor
Dawn V Ernstzen
Volume editor
Lee-Ann J Jacobs-Nzuzi Khuabi
Volume editor
Faeza Bardien


This is the second book in the 'Health, Functioning and Technology' series. This book focuses on teaching, learning and assessment in rehabilitation education within the African context. The primary contributors to the book are authors from occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech-language therapy in South Africa. The authors discuss local contextual drivers for renewing rehabilitation professions curricula that support graduates in becoming competent, socially accountable, and dynamic. The foundational element of the chapters in the book is the African context and evidence-informed educational practice. We include the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on teaching, learning, student support and the integration of technology to assist in achieving the goals of the curricula through the different themes of transformative learning, curriculum renewal, technology for learning and clinical training key topics are covered on responsive curricula, leadership, interprofessional education, clinical competence, critical consciousness, peer teaching and learning, learning technologies, student support and emergency remote teaching and learning.


  • Chapter 1
    Exploring the perceptions of stakeholders on the process of implementing a near-peer teaching sub-programme in the Speech-Language and Hearing Therapy Programme
    Monique Visser, Helena Oosthuizen, Alwyn JN Louw
  • Chapter 2
    Near-peer tutorials facilitate psychomotor skills development in physiotherapy
    Marianne Unger, Lianne Keiller, Gakeemah Inglis-Jassiem, Susan D Hanekom
  • Chapter 3
    Developing a framework to facilitate clinical learning via WhatsApp
    Alida De Beer, Ashley Gaskin, Faeza Bardien
  • Chapter 4
    Effect of video portfolios on learning foundational (physiotherapy) techniques
    Marianne Unger, Lianne Keiller, Lorisha Manas
  • Chapter 5
    Development and integration of telerehabilitation into service delivery and clinical training: A South African case study
    Marisa Coetzee, Eugene Nizeyimana, Monique de Wit, Ashley Gaskin, Gouwa Dawood, Nicola Plastow, Conran Joseph, Quinette Louw
  • Chapter 6
    The constructive learning elements of online clinical rotations that fostered practical learning: Occupational therapy students and clinical educators’ perspectives
    Maatje Kloppers, Juanita Bester, Anja Baxter, Ella P Denton, Ané Koegelenberg, Helena J Burchell, Tayla-Leigh Simpson, Marnie van Wyk, Lee-Ann J Jacobs-Nzuzi Khuabi
  • Chapter 7
    The learning experiences and perspectives of physiotherapy students during community-based education placements
    Dawn V Ernstzen, Anna MS Schmutz, Ilse S Meyer
  • Chapter 8
    The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health Framework as a strategy to promote interprofessional collaboration during rural training in South Africa
    Gérard C Filies, Jana Müller
  • Chapter 9
    A scoping review of the current literature and terminology used in the education of speech-language pathologists regarding service delivery across cultures
    Berna Gerber, Monique Visser
  • Chapter 10
    Nurturing doers and translators: A new approach to advancing research training among undergraduate rehabilitation professions students
    Karina Berner, Conran Joseph, Ntsikelelo Pefile, Maria Y Charumbira, Quinette Louw


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