Science and Faith in Dialogue

Volume editor
Frederik van Niekerk
Volume editor
Nico Vorster


Science and Faith in Dialogue presents a cogent, compelling case for concordance between science and theism. The term theism refers, in this book, to the belief in God's existence. Within theology, the term theism is often used to convey a range of presuppositions about the nature and attributes of God. Based on scientific and natural theological perspectives, two pillars of natural theology are revisited: the Cosmological Argument and the Argument from Design. The book argues that modern science provides undeniable evidence and a scientific basis for these classical arguments to infer a rationally justifiable endorsement of theism as being concordant with reason and science – nature is seen as operating orderly on comprehensible, rational, consistent laws, in line with the conviction that God is Creator. 


  • Chapter 1
    Logical allacies and false dichotomies in the science and faith debate: impact on worldview and public opinion
    Frederik van Niekerk
  • Chapter 2
    Qualified agreement: How scientific discoveries support theistic belief
    Stephen C. Meyer
  • Chapter 3
    Cosmological fine-tuning
    Hugh Ross
  • Chapter 4
    Local fine-tuning and habitable zones
    Guillermo Gonzalez
  • Chapter 5
    Materialistic and theistic perspectives on the origin of life
    Fazale R. Rana
  • Chapter 6
    Are present proposals on chemical evolutionary mechanisms accurately pointing toward first life?
    James M. Tour
  • Chapter 7
    Engineering principles better explain biological systems than evolutionary theory
    Brian Miller
  • Chapter 8
    The evidence of foresight in nature
    Marcos Eberlin
  • Chapter 9
    Evolutionary models of palaeoanthropology, genetics, and psychology fail to account for human origins: a review
    Casey Luskin
  • Chapter 10
    Rumours of war and evidence for peace between science and Christianity
    Michael N. Keas


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