Faith Seeking Understanding

Volume editor
Nico Vorster
Volume editor
Frederik van Niekerk


The faith and science debate is an ongoing and dynamic conversation, marked by the need to consistently factor in new data generated by the sciences and new perspectives developed in theology. In this book, a group of theologians and ethicists provide insights into the debate from a faith perspective. The basic thesis permeating the discussions is that faith and science are capable of enriching and complementing each other, albeit in their own unique way. What unifies faith and science is the search for truth. What differentiates them is the unique lenses they employ to find truth. In the end, both scientists and theologians must take into account all the pathways and lenses that lead us into to a better understanding of reality. This study presents concrete examples of how theological knowledge and scientific data can be fruitfully used and integrated to develop new horizons of understanding.

The general aim of the contribution is to narrow in on some of the burning themes that are driving the faith/science scholarly debate. Each contributor highlights a different aspect of the debate. Topics addressed are theoretical perspectives on the science-faith relation, the ancient scientific worldview of the creation narratives in Genesis, evolution and human origins, science and African Pentecostalism, faith and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, science and transhumanism, science and traditional medicine, and the role that faith and science can play in the human quest for meaning.


  • Chapter 1
    ‘God’s most beautiful book’ A source of knowledge for theology and natural sciences
    J.M. Vorster
  • Chapter 2
    The Biblical Creation Account (Genesis 1) as Ancient Science
    Konrad Schmid
  • Chapter 3
    Evolutionary creationism and human origins
    Andrew Loke
  • Chapter 4
    Freedom to speak in tongues, even in the laboratory! Pentecostal hermeneutic encountering science
    Marius Nel
  • Chapter 5
    "In Technology, we trust": How did the Fourth Industrial Revolution influence theology?
    Jaco Beyers
  • Chapter 6
    Transhumanism and faith responses to science in the public sphere
    Manitza Kotzé
  • Chapter 7
    Respect for quality traditional medicine as a global bio-ethical principle
    Adriaan L. Rheeder
  • Chapter 8
    The rational plausibility of faith as buffer against existential anxiety
    Nico Vorster


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