Complexities and challenges in preventive audiology: An African perspective

Volume editor
Katijah Khoza-Shangase


Success of any preventive healthcare programme is reliant on a functional healthcare system. Within this system of care, healthcare professionals, including audiologists, can only practice safely and effectively if they possess an appreciation of the complexities and challenges that exist in that context. Where healthcare professionals have such awareness that aids them to recognise opportunities for errors that can cause patients harm, and where they take steps to prevent these mistakes, is where preventive audiology is positioned. This edited book, Complexities and Challenges in Preventive Audiology: An African Perspective, is a sequel to another book by the current editor titled Preventive Audiology: An African Perspective. While in the process of editing that book, the editor identified that a lacuna of contextually relevant collation of evidence on complexities and challenges faced by the field of audiology within the African context in implementing preventive audiology existed. The goal of this book is to delve into these complexities and challenges for various key areas in audiology. All chapters deliberate on evidence-based perspectives grounded in the African context, with deliberate and preferential reliance on contemporary locally relevant evidence that allows for accurate reflection of current complexities and challenges in ear and hearing care delivery within the African context. Contributors were encouraged to be as comprehensive as possible in their review of literature within the African context, where available. Complexities brought about by context, such as cultural and linguistic diversity as well as traditional and alternative healthcare, on preventive audiology within the South African context, are also covered in this book. As each chapter explores prevailing complexities and challenges, potential solutions and recommendations for all challenges identified are also offered, having carefully and deliberately engaged with local evidence, local context, and local policies and regulations, to ensure an Afrocentric contribution to the world of evidence. All chapters in the book have a goal of ensuring that increased efforts are directed towards provision of clinical services that are driven through best practice by contextually relevant and responsive evidence.


  • Chapter 1
    Complexities and Challenges in Preventive Audiology within the African Context
    Katijah Khoza-Shangase
  • Chapter 2
    Complexities and Challenges with Implementation of Early Hearing Detection and Intervention in South Africa
    Katijah Khoza-Shangase
  • Chapter 3
    Complexities and challenges with implementation of Communication Therapeutic Approaches to Early Intervention in Audiology in the African context
    Aisha Casoojee, Katijah Khoza-Shangase
  • Chapter 4
    Complexities with Family-Centred Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Services in Africa
    Ntsako P. Maluleke, Katijah Khoza-Shangase
  • Chapter 5
    Challenges and Complexities with Assessment and Management of Middle Ear Pathologies in Africa
    Ben Sebothoma, Katijah Khoza-Shangase
  • Chapter 6
    Challenges and Complexities with Assessment and Management of Ototoxicity in South Africa
    Katijah Khoza-Shangase
  • Chapter 7
    Exploration of Complexities in the Management of Occupational Noise Induced Hearing Loss in the Mining Sector in sub-Saharan Africa
    Nomfundo F. Moroe, Katijah Khoza-Shangase
  • Chapter 8
    Complexities with Hearing Conservation Programmes in South African Mines: Applying Complex Interventions Theory
    Nomfundo F. Moroe, Katijah Khoza-Shangase
  • Chapter 9
    Using machine learning systems to predict occupational hearing loss for mineworkers in South Africa: A case study of ethical challenges to research in preventive audiology in the mining industry
    Liepollo Ntlhakana
  • Chapter 10
    Complexities with Context: Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Challenges in Preventive Audiology in Africa
    Munyane Mophosho, Khetsiwe P. Masuku, Katijah Khoza-Shangase
  • Chapter 11
    Complexities linked to Traditional Healing and Alternative Healthcare (THAH) Practices and Preventive Audiology in South Africa
    Dhanashree Pillay, Najeebah Moola, Tshepang Serooe


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