Ecclesial Futures Volume 1, Issue 1 (June 2020)

Volume editor
Nigel Rooms
Volume editor
Steve Taylor


Ecclesial Futures is an international, ecumenical peer-reviewed journal. It publishes high-quality, original research and theological reflection on the development and transformation of local Christian communities and the systems that support them as they join in the mission of God in the world.

Ecclesial Futures, as a completely new journal in 2020 brings together, at least in the initial phases, two groups of scholar-practitioners.

The first is a self-organizing and invitation-only annual conference of around 20-30 people who meet together under the banner of The International Research Consortium: Researching Missional Congregations (IRC). They include people from the USA, Europe, Australia and Africa and cross several denominations, mainly Protestant. They meet to share existing research projects and form a learning community around how local churches can be transformed by working with the theological concept of the Missio Dei.

The second is a “Study Group” called “Christian Communities and Mission” within the International Association of Mission Studies (IAMS) which is the internationally recognized association for mission studies. It has a large, diverse membership and is truly global and ecumenical combining Mainline Protestant, Pentecostal, Roman Catholic and Orthodox participants.

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  • Editorial
    Nigel Rooms
  • Chapter 1: The Missio Dei as Flourishing Life
    Nelus Niemandt
  • Chapter 2: Towards the Acceptance of Diversity: A Brief History of the Mixed Economy of Church and Continental European Adaptations
    Sabrina Müller
  • Chapter 3: Stories that Shape an Understanding of God’s Mission in the World: Visionary Leadership in the ELCA
    Kristine Stache
  • Chapter 4: Missiological Perspectives from Germany: Innovation and Mission in Rural Areas
    Michael Herbst, Patrick Todjeras
  • Chapter 5: Free for Mission: Missional Church and Ethnographic Fieldwork
    Scott J. Hagley
  • Book Review: Church in Life: Innovation, Mission, and Ecclesiology
    Moynagh, Michael. 2017. London: SCM Press. ISBN: 978–0-334–05451-1
    Patrick Todjeras
  • Book Review: Practices for the Refounding of God’s People: The Missional Challenge of the West
    Roxburgh, Alan J., and Robinson Martin. 2018. New York: Church Publishing. ISBN: 978-0-8192-3384-4
    Christopher B. James
  • Book Review: Pilgrims and Priests: Christian Mission in a Post-Christian Society
    Paas, Stefan. 2019. London: SCM Press. ISBN: 978–0-3340–05877-9
    Patrick Todjeras
  • Book Review: Making is Connecting: The Social Power of Creativity, from Craft and Knitting to Digital everything
    Gauntlett, David. 2018. Cambridge: Polity Press. ISBN: 978-1-5095-1347-5
    Steve Taylor


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