How Would we Know what God is up to?

Volume editor
Ernst M. Conradie
Volume editor
Cynthia Moe-Lobeda


This second volume in the series on "An Earthed Faith" will address the following question: "Given what we know about the Anthropocene, how does one even begin to answer the question: What is this God up to and how ought humans respond?” This is a question of theological method, including the sources and interlocutors of Christian theology, its aims and starting points, social theories shaping it, and presuppositions grounding it. Addressing this question is the classic task of doing contextual theology, namely to describe and analyse a particular context and to consider how this context may best be addressed theologically and practically. The question highlights the need for prophetic theology to discern the “signs of the time”, to recognise a “moment of truth” (Kairos) and to discern counter-movements of the Spirit. The question of method opens the door to constructive critique of how theology has been done and should be done.


  • Telling the Story en route: On this Road (hodos) and its Logic (logos)
    Ernst M. Conradie , Cynthia Moe-Lobeda
  • On the Road of Doing Christian Ecotheology: Reformed Perspectives from South Africa
    Ernst M. Conradie
  • Revelations from the Book of Nature: Knowing God in the Cenozoic and “Anthropocene” Epoch
    Heather Eaton
  • On Ecotheological Methods: Revisiting Early Latin American Liberation Theologies
    Guillermo Kerber
  • Sources for African Women’s Ecotheology
    Loreen Maseno
  • Method in Ecotheology: A Perspective from the Belly of the Beast
    Cynthia Moe-Lobeda
  • How Would We Know What God is up to? What We Could Learn from Asian Ecofeminism
    Jea Sophia Oh
  • Nabgwana’s Memory (Mother Earth): An Approach from the Gunadule People
    Jocabed R. Solano Miselis
  • The Fakalofa Lies Before You: Re-reading Scripture in Tuvalu
    Maina Talia
  • Decolonizing Ecotheology: Subaltern Social Movements as Theological Texts
    George Zachariah


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