Biblical Theology of Life in the New Testament

Volume editor
Francois P. Viljoen
Volume editor
Albert J. Coetsee


This publication deals with A Biblical Theology of Life based on the New Testament. It forms the second of a two volume publication on A Biblical Theology of Life. These two volumes trace the concept of life throughout Protestant canon, working with the final form of the biblical books in Hebrew (vol. 5) and Greek (vol. 6) Scripture. This is done by providing the reader with a book-by-book overview of this concept. This book concludes with a final chapter synthesising the findings of the respective investigations of the Old and New Testament corpora in order to provide a summative theological perspective of the development of the concept through Scripture.

It is clear that life forms a central and continuous theme throughout the Biblical text. The theme begins with the living God that creates life, but is shortly followed by death that threatens life. Despite this threat, God sustains life and awakens life from death. The text concludes with the consummation depicting eternal life in the new heaven and earth.

The biblical theological approach that has been taken entails a thematic approach as it investigates the concept of life, with contextual foci on what individual books of Scripture teach about life, joined diachronically with an investigation of the progressive use of the concept of life in Scripture, while providing a theology of Scripture as a whole investigating the concept of life in all sixty-six books of the Protestant canon.


  • Chapter 1
    Life in the Synoptic Gospels
    Francois P. Viljoen
  • Chapter 2
    Life in the Fourth Gospel and the Letters of John
    Gert J.C. Jordaan
  • Chapter 3
    Life in the Acts of the Apostles
    Nina E. Müller van Velden
  • Chapter 4
    Life in the Pauline Letters (1): Romans, 1-2 Corinthians, Galatians, Philippians, 1 Thessalonians, Philemon (the undisputed Pauline letters)
    Philip La G. du Toit
  • Chapter 5
    Life in the Pauline Letters (2): Ephesians, Colossians, 2 Thessalonians (disputed Pauline letters)
    Elma M. Cornelius
  • Chapter 6
    Life in the Pauline Letters (3): Life in the Pastoral Epistles
    Aldred A. Genade
  • Chapter 7
    Life in Hebrews
    Gert J. Steyn
  • Chapter 8
    Life in James
    M. Bruce Button
  • Chapter 9
    Life in Peter and Jude: The life pattern of the Christian believer
    Hennie Goede
  • Chapter 10
    Life in Revelation: Life in an eschatological progression of renewal towards its climax in the New Jerusalem, according to the Apocalypse of John
    Jan A. du Rand
  • Chapter 11
    A Biblical Theology of Life: A synopsis of life in Scripture
    Albert J. Coetsee, Francois P. Viljoen


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