State-owned enterprises in Africa and the economics of public service delivery

Volume editor
Fulufhelo G. Netswera
Volume editor
Omololu M. Fagbadebo
Volume editor
Nirmala Dorasamy


This book intends to provide a continuous assessment of the crisis on governance in Africa. As it is, there are huge deficits in the capacity of African states to harness vast human and material resources to promote good governance. This manifests in pervasive corruption, collapsed service delivery, collapsed state-owned enterprises, eroded social trust, capital flight, escalating levels of poverty and wars, human insecurity, and stunted growth. The public sector is the pulse of service delivery because the entire governance system revolves around the sourcing of materials and services, mostly from the private sector, in order to achieve its public policy intents. The procurement process, therefore, ordinarily ought to yield positive economic outcomes and an efficiency-driven system in favour of government itself and for its service recipients. However, this more than often is not the case. Despite its enormous wealth, the African continent is in an economic quagmire, a dilemma that requires multi-facet research activities. This is the motivation for this book.


  • Chapter 1
    State-Owned Enterprises and Public Service Delivery in Africa
    Omololu M. Fagbadebo
  • Chapter 2
    Post-Colonial Public Administration Systems: Lessons from Uganda
    Benon C. Basheka
  • Chapter 3
    Corruption, Bureaucracy and Export Orientation of Firms in Africa
    Ibrahim Mukisa, Edward Bbaale, Joweria M. Teera
  • Chapter 4
    Enterprise Dynamics and Employment Creation in Africa
    Edward Bbaale, Ibrahim M. Okumu
  • Chapter 5
    Pillars Supporting Corruption in Procurement Practices: A Case of Non-Public Serving State Ownership Enterprises
    Nirmala Dorasamy
  • Chapter 6
    Counting the cost of state-owned enterprises failure in South Africa: Post-apartheid betrayals or mere inefficiency?
    Fulufhelo G. Netswera
  • Chapter 7
    Corruption, Citizen Participation and Service Delivery in Nigeria and Mauritius
    ‘Tunde A. Abioro
  • Chapter 8
    Procurement, corruption and service delivery in State-Owned Enterprises in South Africa
    Msuthukazi Makiva, Gregory J. Davids
  • Chapter 9
    Procurement, Corruption and Service Delivery in the Ghanaian Public Sector
    Evans Sokro
  • Chapter 10
    Public Service Delivery Procurement and the Economics of the State-Owned Enterprises in Tanzania
    John S. Kihamba, Magashi J. Ntegwa
  • Chapter 11
    Public Service Delivery and Human Development in Nigeria: A Litany of Woes
    Omololu M. Fagbadebo
  • Chapter 12
    Good Governance through Public Service Quality: An Empirical Study from India
    Arulraj Arockiasamy, Ravinder Rena
  • Chapter 13
    The Future of SOEs in Africa
    Omololu M. Fagbadebo, Fulufhelo G. Netswera , Nirmala Dorasamy


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