Mission moves: Cultivating communities of the Gospel

Volume editor
Malan Nel


This scholarly book is the final result of a team-research project, done by ten Practical Theologians from three denominations in the Reformed tradition in South Africa. The authors posed the following research problem and-question: What would be the relationship (if any) between preaching (and the liturgy of which it is a part) and the development of missional congregations? And secondly, what kind of preaching and preacher would best serve (even facilitate) such a process of missional congregational development in preaching and worship?


  • Chapter 1
    Framing our understanding of missionality
    Malan Nel
  • Chapter 2
    Missio Dei between Soil and Soul? Liturgical Perspectives
    Johan Cilliers
  • Chapter 3
    The role and function of testimony as narratively embodied in the liturgy
    Daléne Flynn, Nicolaas Matthee
  • Chapter 4
    The persuasive influence of the sermon-series approach in developing missional congregations
    Ferdi P. Kruger
  • Chapter 5
    Traces of missional leadership? An empirical probe among Reformed ministers
    Ian Nell
  • Chapter 6
    Congregational Worship: Missional Identity Formation and the Preaching of our (M)Other Tongue
    Kobus Schoeman, Wessel Wessels
  • Chapter 7
    Cultivating a prayerful culture of hospitality
    André Ungerer
  • Chapetr 8
    Integrating and coordinating all ministries in function of developing a missional congregation
    Neels Marais
  • Chapter 9
    Missional Integrity in the Pulpit
    Malan Nel
  • Chapter 10
    Worship and Preaching: Equipping disciples to seek the Sjalom of the Kingdom
    Malan Nel


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