Powers, Inequalities and Vulnerabilities: Impact of globalisation on children, youth and families and on the mission of the Church

Volume editor
Johannes Knoetze
Volume editor
Valentin Kozhuharov


This research addresses the gap that is present in both missiology and family and youth ministry. Missiology does not focus on children and youth specifically, while this is the largest population in the developing world. On the other hand, family and youth ministry has a more pastoral than missional approach, not always taking cognisance of contexts like globalisation. Thus, the purpose of the book is to address the sometimes unintended and unnoticed influence of globalisation on the mission of the church, with a specific focus on children, youth and family. For this purpose, the International Association for Mission Studies study group for children, youth and families coming from different parts of the world decided to describe the powers, inequalities and vulnerabilities of children, youth and families in a globalised world from their specific contexts. Although the most prominent research methodology was critical literature studies, methods like autoethnographic, and empirical methods were also used. No decisions were made on a specific method of research for this publication. This publication can be viewed as an interdisciplinary and intra-disciplinary, because it deals with social sciences, anthropology, psychology, missiology, systematic theology and practical theology.


  • Chapter 1
    Powers, inequalities and vulnerabilities: Mission in a wounded world
    Johannes Knoetze
  • Chapter 2
    Exploring social constructs and the lives of street children
    Greg W. Burch
  • chapter 3
    Globalisation and Youth: Restructuring identity formation and religiosity
    Anita Cloete
  • Chapter 4
    Christ-connected discipleship as comfort in a globalised world with a fear of missing out
    Johannes Knoetze
  • Chapter 5
    Globalisation and politics. The shift in traditional values and its impact on families and children of Christian background in Europe
    Valentin Kozhuharov
  • Chapter 6
    The impact of pornography on Cambodian youth through the globalisation of technology
    Glenn Miles, Christa Crawford
  • Chapter 7
    Neuroplasticity, pneumatology and the church as a therapeutic community
    John Baxter-Brown
  • Chapter 8
    On becoming ‘home’ for the destitute: An African congregation-based missional and pastoral perspective on families uprooted by migration
    Alfred Brunsdon
  • Chapter 9
    Child sacrifice: The life or death of a civilisation
    Naas Ferreira
  • Chapter 10
    Community Engagement addressing Powers, Inequalities and Vulnerabilities: A Missional Approach
    Fazel E. Freeks
  • Chapter 11
    Globalisation, education and children in Indian context: Challenges for mission
    Jeyaraj J. Baskar
  • Chapter 12
    A practical theological narration of the spiritual narratives of adolescent orphaned boys in South Africa in the construction of a spiritual self
    Juanita Meyer
  • Chapter 13
    The necessity of intergenerational dialogue on social justice within the South African church
    Shantelle Weber
  • Chapter 14
    ‘Who am I?’ Finding Identity in a Globalised World
    Keith J. White


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