Christian ethics and political economy: Markers for a developing South Africa

Volume editor
Jan C.M. Venter
Volume editor
Morten Bøsterud


The value-free and relativistic human and scientific discourses have led to an era of ideology. From fascism at the dawn of the century, through liberalism and the associated phenomenon of unfettered statism, to the current disillusionment of postmodernism and relativism with endeavours towards new mercantilism. All have maintained poverty, inequality and created scepticism amongst both lay persons and academics. Above all else a renewed yearning for moral and ethical direction in political and economic conduct has been created. This book provides a Christian ethical reflection on political-economic conduct in South Africa as an alternative to current modernistic ideas.

This book aims to produce new Christian ethical insight into the value of new liberal perspectives on the enhancement of the South African political economy. New Christian ethical insight will be gained through new perspectives on the South African political economy.


  • Chapter 1
    “Blessed are you who are poor” Political economy under the reign of God
    Koos Vorster
  • Chapter 2
    Capital Use in South Africa – A Christian-ethical Banking Alternative
    Morten Bøsterud
  • Chapter 3
    Capitalism: An Assessment from recent Catholic Social Teaching
    Elena Alvarez
  • Chapter 4
    Gender Equality in Corporate South Africa – a Christian-ethical Approach
    Christin E. Bøsterud
  • Chapter 5
    Christian Ethics and Entrepreneurship
    Lucas G. Freire
  • Chapter 6
    Prosperity Ethics - Setting the Poor Free
    Johann Walters
  • Chapter 7
    Pentecostals confronting structural poverty: An ecclesiastical strategy to make a difference in the lives of poor people in sub-Saharan Africa
    Marius Nel
  • Chapter 8
    Chapter prosperity ethics - ethics for a postsecular economy
    Johann Walters
  • Chapter 9
    Social Identity as organisational barrier and opportunity for developing the South African Economy
    Morten Bøsterud


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