Life in transit: Theological and ethical contributions on migration

Volume editor
Manitza Kotzé
Volume editor
Riaan Rheeder


Migration is an issue that is under discussion worldwide and affects South Africa, the United States of America and Germany in a distinctive way. This book reflects academically on this significant and topical subject of migration from the often neglected perspective of the fields of theology and Christian ethics. While the majority of contributions are from the South African context, there are also chapters reflecting on the topic from the other two aforementioned contexts. While numerous publications have recently appeared on the subject, reflection from theology and Christian ethics are often lacking. As such, this scholarly publication wants to add ethical value to the local and global conversations on the theme from a theological perspective. The book reflects on migration from the perspectives originated in the disciplines of biblical studies (the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament), systematic theology, ecumenical studies, Christian ethics, practical theology, and missiology. It presents new and innovative inquiries primarily from a qualitative methodological viewpoint. The book unveils new themes for deliberation and provides novel interpretations and insights into existing research.


  • Chapter 1
    ‘Love Thy Sojourner (by integrating them)’: Ethical perspectives from the Pentateuch
    Albert J Coetsee
  • Chapter 2
    Migration of God’s people as an opportunity to learn and understand God within the migrant context: A perspective from the books of Leviticus and Acts
    Christopher Magezi
  • Chapter 3
    What can we learn from Paul, the Jew’s, migration dynamics, to accommodate the stranger amidst the Jewish Diaspora?
    Jan A du Rand
  • Chapter 4
    Migration and Christian identity: Theological reflections on Christian identity reconstructions in new places and spaces
    Nico Vorster
  • Chapter 5
    Human personhood and the call to humaneness in an environment of migration: A Christian ethical perspective
    JM Vorster
  • Chapter 6
    Muslim immigration and reformed Christology
    Matthew Kaemingk
  • Chapter 7
    The phenomenon of emigration of health practitioners in South Africa: A Protestant perspective on global guidance for the individual decision
    Riaan Rheeder
  • Chapter 8
    A Christian ethical reflection on transnational assisted reproductive technology
    Manitza Kotzé
  • Chapter 9
    Violence against the displaced: An African Pentecostal response
    Marius Nel
  • Chapter 10
    Religious pluralisation and the identity of diaconia in Germany
    Johannes Eurich
  • Chapter 11
    Life in transit: From exiles to pilgrims – a missiological perspective on humanity’s global movement
    Naas Ferreira


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