Integrated Transboundary Water-Climate Management Tools

Volume editor
Nnenesi A. Kgabi


The scholarly theme of the book lends itself to the discipline of earth and atmospheric sciences, with a specific focus on water-climate studies. The book is a scholarly discourse by researchers in the natural sciences, including Hydrologists, Climate Scientists, Environmental Engineers and Water Scientists. The purpose of the book is to address the limited complementarity between the water and climate studies; which is crucial in promoting scientific research that informs policy decisions and implementation of water security plans. The chapters were selected to represent water-climate models and policy research conducted in different river basins in the arid and semi-arid environments. Therefore, the water-climate management tools highlighted in this book include General Circulation Models (GCMs), Coupled Model Inter-comparison Project Phase 5 (CMIP5), Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT), Africa Flood and Drought Monitor (AFDM), Extreme Precipitation Events (EPEs), R ClimDex, Mixed strategy game models, Standard Precipitation Indices (SPIs), Water Evaluation and Planning System (WEAP), Penman Calculator, and Saturated Volume Fluctuation (SVF).


  • Preface
    Nnenesi A. Kgabi
  • Chapter 1
    A review of selected water–climate studies conducted in Tanzania, Southern Africa
    Nnenesi A. Kgabi
  • Chapter 2
    Impact of climate change on water security in a semi-arid river basin
    Yali E. Woyessa, Bruce N. Wilson
  • Chapter 3
    Effective utilisation of the Africa Flood and Drought Monitor
    Nnenesi A. Kgabi, Dianah I. Irenge, Sunday A. Reju
  • Chapter 4
    Water security and extreme precipitation indices of selected towns in Namibia
    Nnenesi A. Kgabi, Sunday A. Reju, Dianah I. Irenge
  • Chapter 5
    Mixed strategy game models for generating baseline data on the water–air interactions
    Sunday A. Reju, Gabriel S. Mbokoma, Nnenesi A. Kgabi
  • Chapter 6
    Analysis of drought frequency and intensity using standard precipitation index
    Dianah I. Irenge, Nnenesi A. Kgabi, Sunday A. Reju
  • Chapter 7
    Water demand and effects of climate change in the middle Kafue River basin
    Aaron Kachunga, Edwin Nyirenda
  • Chapter 8
    The impact of surface-water demand for irrigation on water availability in Chongwe catchment
    Teddy Mwenya, Kamuti Mulonda, Joel Kabika, Edwin Nyirenda
  • Chapter 9
    Assessment of groundwater availability in a semi-arid river basin
    Moses S. Kalola, Nnenesi A. Kgabi, Henry M. Mukendwa
  • Conclusion
    Nnenesi A. Kgabi


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