Africa's digital future: From theory to action

Volume editor
Wilma Viviers
Volume editor
Ali Parry
Volume editor
Susara (Adelia) J. Jansen van Rensburg


The main thrust of this book is to examine whether Africa is in a position to benefit from the digital age, given the continent’s many development challenges and slow adoption of digital technologies. While there is substantial literature on the digital economy and the quickening pace of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), comparatively little research has been conducted on what the digital age means for Africa. This book aims to close this research gap by using various qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to arrive at a cross-section of original findings and perspectives on how Africa can capitalise on the benefits of digital developments, including their potential to create jobs and bring about more inclusive growth. The book’s main contribution is its coverage of a range of topics that will affect Africa’s digital future, including industrialisation, global value chains, transport and logistics, trade facilitation, labour-market dynamics, employment and education. The theme of digital trade forms a backdrop to many of the chapters, along with references to the COVID-19 pandemic. The book acknowledges that although African countries should learn from international best practices, they need to chart their own course according to their own particular circumstances. By adopting a digital mindset, countries should be able to diversify economically and extend their market reach across the continent. Furthermore, while Africa should be looking to the future and determining how digital technologies can become effective tools of sustainable development, the continent has much catching up to do.


  • Chapter 1
    Headwinds and tailwinds in digital trade: Can Africa navigate the storm?
    Susara (Adelia) J. Jansen van Rensburg, Wilma Viviers, Ali Parry
  • Chapter 2
    Economic development and industrialisation in the digital era: Where does Africa stand?
    Susara (Adelia) J. Jansen van Rensburg, Petrus D.F. Strydom, Wilma Viviers, Marie-Luce Kühn, Ali Parry
  • Chapter 3
    Can digital trade promote greater employment? Empirical evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa
    Emmanuel Orkoh, Wilma Viviers, Susara (Adelia) J. Jansen van Rensburg
  • Chapter 4
    Digital technologies, employment and labour-market polarisation in Africa
    Petrus D.F. Strydom
  • Chapter 5
    Leveraging global value chains and digital technologies to strengthen Africa’s industrial base
    Petrus D.F. Strydom, Wilma Viviers
  • Chapter 6
    Mobilising tax revenues in the digital era: Challenges for Sub-Saharan Africa?
    Emmanuel Orkoh, Wilma Viviers
  • Chapter 7
    Digital technologies: Benefits for transport and trade facilitation in Africa
    Sonja Grater, Alwyn Hoffman
  • Chapter 8
    Protecting Africa’s digital future through effective regulation
    Biandri Joubert
  • Chapter 9
    Rethinking Africa’s education ecosystem: Why all economic sectors need to be digitally responsive
    Marie-Luce Kühn
  • Chapter 10
    Turning theory into action: The power is in Africa’s hands
    Ali Parry


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