Understanding Education for the Visually Impaired

Volume editor
Ronél Ferreira
Volume editor
Maximus M. Sefotho


The contribution that this book makes to scholarship is regarded as ground-breaking, as it is based on recent research conducted with teachers on the ground-level, as well as on research and experiences of practitioners, gained over many years. In this volume, Understanding education for the visually impaired, the focus falls on understanding visual impairment within the South African context, more specifically on what the education of these learners entails. In addition to the contribution to existing literature in the fields of inclusive education and visual impairment, the publication has practical application value for teachers and practitioners who work with and support such learners.


  • Section 1: Contextualising visual impairment
  • Chapter 1
    Visual impairment as a disability and/or diversity
    Tony Mays
  • Chapter 2
    Visual impairment in the global south
    Maximus M. Sefotho
  • Chapter 3
    Human rights and visual impairment
    Juan Bornman
  • Chapter 4
    Visual impairment and the inclusive education policy
    Judite Ferreira-Prevost
  • Section 2: Contextualising support for learners with visual impairment
  • Chapter 5
    Supporting learners who are multiply impaired with a visual impairment
    Juan Bornman, Ann Heard
  • Chapter 6
    Enabling full-service and special school teachers working with visually impaired learners
    Maesala Manis
  • Chapter 7
    The value of the Orientation and Mobility Profession in the lives of Learners and Teachers
    Ann Heard
  • Chapter 8
    Higher Order Emotion identification by children with visual impairment: Developing emotional competence
    Inneke Greyvenstein
  • Section 3: Providing support beyond the school and classroom
  • Chapter 9
    Promoting a collaborative partnership approach to support families of learners with visual impairment
    Karien Botha
  • Chapter 10
    Role of the family in the life of a learner with visual impairment
    Boitumelo M. Diale
  • Chapter 11
    Transition, entrepreneurship and decent work
    Maximus M. Sefotho
  • Chapter 12
    Transition from school to tertiary education
    Ann Heard


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