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Theologies of Childhood and the Children of Africa

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Added 2017-01-09
ISBN-13: 978-1-928396-10-9
Date of first publication: 2016
doi: 10.4102/aosis.2016.tcca02

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Theologies of Childhood and the Children of Africa

Jan Grobbelaar, Gert Breed

The purpose of this book is to combine perspectives of scholars from Africa on Child Theologies from a variety of theological sub-disciplines to provide some theological and ministerial perspectives on this topic. The book disseminates original research and new developments in this study field, especially as relevant to the African context. In the process it addresses also the global need to hear voices from Africa in this academic field. It wants to convey the importance of considering Africa’s children in theologising. The different chapters represent diverse methodologies but the central and common focus is to approach the subject from the viewpoint of Africa’s children. The individual authors’ varied theological sub-disciplinary dispositions contribute to the unique and distinct character of the book. Almost all chapters are theoretical orientated with less empirical research, although some of the chapters refer to empirical research which the authors have done in the past. Most of the academic literature in the field of Theologies of Childhood is from American or British- European origin. The African context is fairly absent in this discourse, although it is the youngest continent and presents unique and relevant challenges. This book was written by theological scholars from Africa, focussing on Africa’s children. It addresses not only theoretical challenges in this field but also provides theological perspectives for ministry with children and for important social change. Written from a variety of theological sub-disciplines, the book is aimed at scholars across theological sub- disciplines, especially those theological scholars interested in the intersections between theology, childhood studies and African cultural or social themes. It addresses themes and provide insights that is also relevant for specialist leaders and professionals in this field. No part of the book was plagiarised from another publication or published elsewhere before.

About the Volume editor: Jan Grobbelaar

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About the Volume editor: Gert Breed

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Chapter 1
Resources on Theology and Children

Jan Grobbelaar

Chapter 2
The grammar of combining the vocabulary of theology, children and Africa

Jan Grobbelaar

Chapter 3
Task, sources and significance of theologies of childhood

Marcia J. Bunge

Chapter 4
Childhood in the book Proverbs and in Shona proverbs

Sampson S Ndoga

Chapter 5
Jesus and the children in the Gospel of Matthew

Jan Grobbelaar

Chapter 6
Calvin’s theology of Childhood

Nico Vorster

Chapter 7
The history of theologies of Childhood in African churches

Hannes (J.J.) Knoetze

Chapter 8
Hurting children and the dangerous rite of ritual male circumcision

Alfred Brunsdon

Chapter 9
Welcoming children to the diakonia of the congregation

Gert Breed

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  • Theologies of Childhood and the Children of Africa

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